Sunday, January 22, 2012

How Do Otherworld Entities Manifest to You?

Otherworld Entities make themselves known in so many different ways.  Here are some ways they have made themselves known to me, my son, and my customers:

1.  Full body apparition.
2.  Partial body apparition.
3.  Ghostly partial or full apparition.  This is when they are like a white figure without color.
4.  Shadows or shadows in shadows.
5.  Light flashes.
6.  Orbs.
7.  Quick streaking movement.  
8.  Vibrating air.  This is really noticeable if they are standing in front of a picture or some type of pattern.  The whole picture will vibrate.
9.  Heavy air.  Like the mirage on the ground when it is hot.
10.  Smoke.
11.  Flames.
12.  In the mind's eye.
13.  While Astral traveling.
14.  While lucid dreaming.
15.  In dreams.
16.  Pops.
17.  Knocks.
18.  Thuds and thumps.
19.  High pitched sounds.
20.  Whispers.
21.  Many voices whispering or talking, but you can't understand what they are saying.
22.  Clear voice.
23.  Coughing, sneezing, clearing the throat.
24.  Burping or other gas.
25.  Screaming.
26.  Roar, growling, hissing, barking, meowing, slithering, or other animal sounds.
27.  Snoring.
28.  Bumping into a wall, door, and hitting glass.
29.  Scratching on the floor, wall, window, or roof.
30.  Playing with electronic equipment.
31.  Turning on the ice maker, pushing a movie into the vcr/dvd player.
32.  Messing with the computer monitor.  Turning off, on, or making the screen do weird things.
33.  Turning lights off and on.
34.  Turning on car alarms…jumping on the car….or several in a row.
35.  Tingly touches.
36.  Cold touches or cold air.
37.  Full touch.
38.  Bumping into you and feeling a solid body part for a second before it dissipates.
39.  Bites, scratches, bruises.
40.  Preventing cameras from working correctly.
41.  Causing problems with electronics.
42.  Smells and odors.
43.  Finding footprints with strange beginning or ending.
44.  Missing jewelry, keys, cell phones that show up in strange places.
45.  Stolen jewelry and vessels are returned mysteriously.
46.  Conversations through pendulum, Ouija, automatic writing.
47.  Illness that is greatly shortened in length or intensity.
48.  Otherworld Entities that help you find items.
49.  Items are not where you placed them.  
50.  Items are placed back where they belong.
51.  Sensing someone is in the room.
52.  Feeling a breeze whenever certain entities are near.

Most of these have happened to me, and I am always amazed at what I experience.  Sometimes manifestations occur often, and then there are lulls where everything is quiet and there aren't as many.  

And sometimes I will experience something that I analyze for months.  And wondering if I will have it happen again soon.  

What kind of manifestations have you experienced?


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Spirit Realm said...

When you have a full manifestation, especially out in public, you wonder if anyone else noticed the entity standing before you. I've had vampires show up where I used to work. I felt so drawn to them, and at the same time I just knew who they were. I told them that the building was closing, and one almost smiled, but pursed his lips so I couldn't see his teeth. I turned my head for one second and he was gone.