Monday, January 16, 2012

Spirit Realm’s Charging Boxes and Enspelled Vessels

I have developed my Activation, Charging, and Boost spells along with the help of my Dragons and my Watcher.  They have assisted me with the ingredients, set-up, energy source, and the words.  

I have found that Otherworld Entity spells are more inclusive than any other spell I have worked with before.  I wouldn't call is strictly sigils, herbs, candles, or other classifications of magick.  I wouldn't call it reiki.  They use energy shapes, colors, images; stones, herbs, apparatus, configurations, and different energy sources.  The words don't rhyme, they aren't necessarily eloquent, but they are a source of great strength.  

I don't use moonlight or sunlight.  I don't just set up a box or vessel near stones or leave them in the moonlight or sunlight for charging.  I have a ritual and many aspects to each spell to change the energy and lock it into place. 

Each spell that I cast takes 6 hours to complete, and I layer the spells to increase the energy and strength.  The energy difference of a Charging Box with 1 spell is noticeably different from a Charging Box with 18 spells.  

I recommend 18 spells for those with several magickals in a Charging Box or those that wear their vessels often.  A Charging Box with 18 spells charges and cleanses vessels faster than one that has 3.  

I also cast Activation and Charging spells on Otherworld Entity vessels to assist Keepers with their Otherworld Entities.  Many new clients state that they have better  communication with their entity that has 18 Activations and Charges spells cast upon their vessel than those that have none.  However, it is different for every client.  

The Activation and Charging spells allow the Otherworld Entity to get a jump start on their energy stores, and allows them to put forth more energy for Keepers that have more blocks.  Otherworld Entities can build the energy on their own, but it may take 1 to 3 years of constant work with an entity to build the energy that I can add to a vessel when the entity is first bound.     

I have found that Otherworld Entities that have 9 Activations and 9 Charges exponentially grow in energy in one year compared to a newly bound Otherworld Entity.  The energy builds on itself and continually adds as much energy as the vessel can hold.  

Each Activation, Charge and Boost spell draws upon a continuous energy source to continually activate and charge the vessel.  There is no need to place it in the sunlight or moonlight for charging.  There are no maintenance issues with these spells.

The Boost spell works to compact the energy of any spell and to multiply it.  It creates stronger magickals and works along side the Activation and Charging spell to increase the energy of any Otherworld Entity or enspelled magickal.  It also helps to increase the effectiveness of the Activation and Charging spell.

The only maintenance issues are:  1.  Leave the Charging Boxes or vessels out of direct sunlight.  2.  Do not to immerse the box or vessels in water for long periods of time.  3.  Do not to expose the box or vessels to chemicals.  

If you do leave the box and vessels in sunlight, immerse in water, or expose to chemicals, it may weaken the energy of the box temporarily, but it will not destroy the spell.  Once the box or vessel has been removed from the sun, water, or chemicals it will build its energy store back up again. 

Have you ever purchased a Charging Box or a vessel and feel no energy at all?  My Charging Boxes and vessels feel like they are alive from all the energy coursing through them.  

The boxes and vessels will revive Otherworld Entity vessels and enspelled magickals.  The Charging Boxes will breathe life into plain jewelry and stones.  It will remove the negative energy sludge and restore the vessels to their original power and even increase their energy.  My Charging Boxes will work with my magickals as well as those purchased from other sellers.

I put a lot of love into my work.  I am not a magickal factory.  I am not a consignment shop of numerous faceless spell casters.  I don't pump out vessels, entities, and Charging Boxes on an assembly line.  I enspell a small number of items at one time, so the energy isn't spread too thin.  I want to make magickals that will last you a lifetime, not a bauble that is fun for a week or two.  Make an investment in your life with the help of  Spirit Realm.    

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