Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Otherworld Entities Watching Movies

I usually go to sleep with a movie or television show playing in the background on my laptop. This helps me drown out any noises from outside as well as inside.

 Usually the background noise can keep me from being startled when an entity pops in too close to my bed. Or I can hear entities talking, walking around, or knocking on walls. So with this distraction I can usually sleep for a few hours to all night, just as long as a spirit dog doesn’t jump on the bed or walk on me.

 When I wake up in the middle of the night, I restart the movie or television show if my laptop goes into hibernation, or Netflix asks if I want to continue watching a series. Last night, I went onto the Netflix site and started the movie, “Treasure Planet“. I rolled over and slept like a baby and didn’t wake up all night. I guess my entities were so busy watching movies, that they were quiet.

 When I woke up this morning, a movie that I have never seen before was playing on my laptop, “The Secret of Moonacre“. I didn’t want to be rude, so I let them watch the rest of the movie. I looked up the instant viewing history on Netflix and this is what my Otherworld Entities watched from approximately 12:00 midnight to 5:30 am: The Wild Thornberrys Movie, The Borrowers, and finally The Secret of Moonacre. I know that I, nor my son watched any of these movies in the wee hours of this morning.

Friday, July 19, 2013

How to See Your Otherworld Entities with Little or No Abilities

There are many Otherworld Entity Keepers that have little or no psychic abilities, and they are desperate to see their entities.  And many Keepers believe that if they don't see their Otherworld Entities, then the entities aren't real.  

Visually seeing your Otherworld Entities may take time and practice.  It isn't an ability that you automatically receive the moment you touch an entity's vessel.  It is an ability that you develop and hone over time.  

If you have the ability to visually see ghosts or human spirits, then you may be able to see Otherworld Entities sooner than most.  But it still may take time.

If you can't visually see ghosts, then it may be a while before you see your Otherworld Entities.  Those that can't see ghosts may see their entities in a few weeks, a few years, or never.  Every single person is different.  But even if you never see your entities, that doesn't mean that they won't help you or they're not real.      

Your Otherworld Entity may not appear as a full apparition, but may use other visual means to prove they are here; especially if you need to work on your psychic abilities.  The first time you see visual proof your entity it may be something very small, and if you hadn't paid close attention, you would have missed it.  

Here are a few tips and tricks that may help you see your entities:

1.  Be relaxed and calm.  You remaining relaxed and calm is the most important thing you can do to see your Otherworld Entities.  If your entities feel you are nervous about them, they aren't going to just pop in. They want to build a relationship with you slowly.  They want to get to know you, and they want you to feel comfortable.  Entities want you to trust them and they want to trust you before they attempt to manifest visually.  

Your Otherworld Entity may start manifestations slowly and build up to larger manifestations.  If your Otherworld Entity manifests in any way (visually, audibly, physically, telepathically or with a pendulum or automatic writing) and you get upset, scared, or unnerved by their manifestation; they will eliminate the manifestations until they believe you are ready.    

Otherworld Entities know that humans that fear them do strange things:  throw away vessels, toss vessels into a charging box forever, have panic attacks, nightmares, or have  exaggerated fear, etc.  This is why entities don't fully manifest in your home the first day you receive their vessels.  They want to get to know you and they want you to trust them.  They do not want to cause fear.   

2.  Look for signs.  Notice any specks of dust, fuzz, or animal hair flying about?  It isn't unusual for a bit of our physical world to be stuck to an entity.  So if you see dust, fuzz, or animal hair flying about in strange patterns; most likely it is an entity.  This happens quite often with flying entities such as the Fae.    

3.  You see a streak.  Fae are wicked fast flyers and they will zoom all over the place.  You may see a streak of something flying through the air with your peripheral vision or your line of sight vision (your primary vision).    

4.  You see a spark of light.  Some entities will cause a spark or twinkle of light when they pop in and out of your home. 

5.  You see an orb.  Entities will often travel around your home in a round circle of light.  Orbs generally produce their own light, they may change shape when they are moving, and often you can see a face or a body inside of the orb.

6.  You see a shadow that isn't yours.  Some entities will produce a shadow that you can see with your line of sight vision or your peripheral vision.  The shadow may be a moving mass or may be a solid individual.  Entities like Djinn, Vampires, and Demons may appear in this manner.   

7.  Flickering Candles.  Light several candles away from any drafts and ask you entities to make only one candle flicker for you.  If only one candle flickers, and the others don't, it is a good indication that your entity is trying to prove they are there.

8.  Unfocus your eyes.  If you look at a wall and you unfocus your eyes, and then look around, you may begin to see outlines or ghostly figures of your Otherworld Entities.  You may notice this looking with your line of sight vision or your peripheral vision.  

9.  Use your peripheral vision.  Many people see their Otherworld Entities only from their peripheral vision.  They may see movement, light flashes, or even figures from the corner of their eye.  

10.  Look around when you first wake up.  When you first wake up, you are relaxed and your vision is a bit blurry.  This is the perfect time to look for your Otherworld Entities.  You may see something with your line of sight vision or your peripheral vision.  

11.  Visual Vibrations.  Look for areas that look like they are vibrating visually.  In order for Otherworld Entities to cloak themselves from humans, they create an image around themselves.  

If an entity is standing in the corner of a room, they will create an image of "the corner of the room" in front of them.  If you look closely you will see that the corner of the room appears to be vibrating…very fast.  It is almost imperceptible, but over time you will notice the subtle difference.  The cloaked area may be very small like for a Fae or human size for a Djinn or an Angel.  

12.  Take Photographs.  I and many people have had success taking photographs of their Otherworld Entities.  I have used the standard, fireworks, and the IR settings.  I used the standard setting in normal daylight, and I used the fireworks and IR settings in low light.  

Set the stage and place generous offerings of food, water, alcohol, and candles.  If there is no air movement in the room and only one candle out of several flickers, it is a good indication that an entity is feeding on the candle.  That would be an ideal time to begin taking photographs.    

You may have to take 100-200 photos before you capture a good photo of an entity.  Take photos that cover a fairly large area, as entities can feed from a few inches to a few feet away.  Some of the best photos I have were taken included a 3 foot radius of the feeding area.  

You will need to look at each photo very carefully as Otherworld Entities can change their size and shape.  I have photos of Dragons that are normally 30 feet tall in their world, but they have shrunk down to 1 inch in our world.  Otherworld Entities may manifest as partial or full figures, faces, mist or fog, or even appear as orbs.

Otherworld Entities will not always manifest in the air, but they may manifest on reflective objects.  You may see them in a drinking glass or food bowl.  You may see them on the table or shelf near where you placed the offerings.  Sometimes they will even appear on items that are not reflective like charging bags.  Every entity is different.     

Have patience when you photograph your entities.  Sometimes I may have 3 photo shoots with just mists with a few undefined faces.  Sometimes I just have photos of what looks like lightning from the candles, which is my entities feeding from the candles.   Sometimes my entities are not in the mood for photos, and as soon as I take out my camera, they leave.  I just have to have patience and try again another day.  

13.  Take Video.  Take video your Otherworld Entities feeding from offerings with the standard or IR settings.  You may want to make short videos instead of several hours of video, as it will be easier to analyze.  Video is great at capturing and analyzing orbs.  The movement of the orb, on video, will help you debunk it from being dust or pollen.

Since Otherworld Entities may appear as small as an inch, it may be harder to analyze the video.  But if you have a large screen and good eyesight, this might be the media choice for you.  

14.  Dream Visits.  Ask your Otherworld Entities to visit you in your dreams; and ask them to help you remember those dreams.  Entities have the ability to visit your dreams to give you information or teach you new knowledge.  You should keep a dream journal by your bed and write about your dream the moment you wake-up.  The longer you put-off writing in the journal the more fuzzy the dream will become.  

15.  Astral Travel.  If you have the ability to Astral Travel you have a prime opportunity to see your Otherworld Entities.  You will be able to see, talk, and learn about them.  They can help you travel to specific places, and provide protection on the journey.

16.  Binaural Beats.  Some people have had success with Binaural Beats.  Some people believe this will remove psychic blocks and enable them to interact with their entities.    

17.  Meditation.  If you are unable to relax enough to see your entities, you may be able to use meditation as a way to prepare yourself.  Some people can meditate in total silence, but I like to use music.  I love listening to nature or even didgeridoo music while I meditate.  There are a lot of nature tracks and didgeridoo on 

18.  Mind's Eye.  Some individuals are unable to see Otherworld Entities with their physical eye, but they can use their mind's eye.  Using the mind's eye is like seeing a vision in your head.  Some may be able to see an image with their eyes closed, or have the image flash through their mind, or they may just know what the entity looks like.

You may want to begin with a meditative state and ask your Otherworld Entity to show itself to your mind's eye.  You may only receive partial impressions at first like fur, hair, or eyes.  You should write these impressions down, and work on this list over time.  Eventually your image will become more clear and detailed.   

19.  Animal or Insect.  Many shape-shifting Otherworld Entities may manifest visually as an animal or insect.  Butterfly Fae will often appear as a butterfly.  You may see this butterfly often, it may follow you, or it may only appear when you are sad.    

20.  In Public.  Sometimes Otherworld Entities will appear in public like at your job, the library, or a store.  Otherworld Entities know that you will not expect them to appear in public places, so you won't be tense and worried when you see them.  So you may see an individual or a creature that looks out of place.  You may turn your head for a moment and they will be gone.  You may ask others if they had seen what you saw, and you will find that no one saw them but you.  

21.  Outside.  Sometimes Otherworld Entities will appear outside of your home.  You may see them standing at the edge of the woods or across the street.  They may be staring at you, and then when you turn your head, they are gone.      

22.  Ley Lines.  Ley Lines are lines of natural energy in the Earth, which Otherworld Entities can feed upon and manifest strongly.  So if you have the ability to find a ley line, you may want to call your entities and watch the area for a while.  You may see light flashes or movement from your peripheral vision.  Or you may see partial or full apparitions from your line of sight vision or your peripheral vision.  You may want to take photos or video of the area, to capture images of your entities.

One or more of these methods may work for you, and you just have to try and try again.  And even if they don't work the first time, they may work the 10th time or the 45th time.  Every single person is different.    

One thing I have noticed about Otherworld Entities is that they love to be subtle.  So you have to pay close attention to the world around you.  You may want to begin looking for entities in your home or your bedroom and eventually look for them outside.  

You should feed your Otherworld Entities so they have the extra energy to expend to manifest.  You don't need to feed them a lot of food as they can multiply the energy of any substance.  

For 20 Otherworld Entities I might serve half an orange, a juice glass of water, a shot glass of alcohol or wine, and four tea light candles.  If your entities don't drink alcohol, or you don't have any, that is fine.  You don't need to have everything in my example, as you may substitute the quantities and types of offerings.  

If you only have one entity, you could give them 1 teaspoon of food, a juice glass of water, and a candle or two.  Whatever works for you and your entity is what you should use.

Above all you need to have patience with yourself and your Otherworld Entity.  You may have worked on your psychic abilities since you were a child or you may started last week.  Psychic abilities take time, effort, and trust in yourself and the process.  

If you would like a custom bound Otherworld Entity, please contact me at my store.  You may also find jewelry, charging boxes, and stones at my store.