Sunday, December 27, 2009

Are You Sabotaging Your Psychic Development?

One of the most requested wishes from Otherworld Entities is the removal of psychic blocks and improving psychic abilities. Many people wish to communicate with deceased loved ones as well as those in the unseen world. In order to accomplish this wish, Otherworld Entities must remove layer upon layer of psychic blocks.

A psychic block is a coping mechanism for humans. It is like a callous built over the eyes, ears, and minds of individual to block the spiritual and paranormal activity from their perception. This block allows individuals to only experience the mundane world around them, and prevents the validity or existence of the unseen world. It is something that becomes ingrained in the being of a person and blocks part of their perception of the world.

Often these blocks have been built since childhood, or may be the result of psychic trauma. Psychic blocks are automatic when a human becomes fearful of paranormal activity. It is very much like a sneeze, in that is an automatic reaction to a stimulus. These blocks protect the human psyche from things they are not ready nor willing to experience. These blocks are solidified by friends and relatives that convince an individual that their paranormal experience was a figment of their imagination.

In order to remove these blocks, Otherworld Entities must gain your trust and faith. They must have your complete trust, not just your word, but your complete trust down to your very core. If you don't completely trust them, then any paranormal activity will create fear. That fear will create additional psychic blocks.

Many Otherworld Entities take their time to judge your reactions to their presence and activity before they create a lot of paranormal activity. This is one of the reasons why many people don't experience a lot of paranormal activity when they first receive their Otherworld Entities. Most people wish for removal of psychic blocks and if Otherworld Entities make you fearful, this counteracts your wish and causes more psychic blocks.

Some people may sabotage their psychic development and advancement by demanding paranormal activity from their Otherworld Entities. You may desire to prevent any fear when you hear a disembodied voice or a thump on the wall, but that will not prevent your automatic reaction. If you are truly afraid, your sympathetic nervous system will react. It will create the primal fight or flight response in accordance to the threat. You will have a dump of adrenaline into your bloodstream, your heart will quicken, and you will put up psychic blocks to prevent fear.

Otherworld Entities are aware of how our bodies and our psyche reacts when threatened. Because of this, most Otherworld Entities will not create paranormal activity to try and break down psychic blocks. So if you demand large paranormal activity in the hopes of removing psychic blocks, you need to know it is an oxymoron, and it will not work. It is something that must be worn down over time.

Another action that can solidify psychic blocks, is doubt. You must trust yourself completely and do not doubt your intuition. Do not doubt that noise you heard, that smoke or lights in the photograph, the strange dream that seemed too real to be a dream.

Doubt is a huge enemy to removing psychic blocks. When you doubt, you are solidifying any psychic blocks that are blocking your abilities from registering all the paranormal activity happening all around you. Do not use doubt to disqualify your abilities, your sight, your gifts. When you disqualify those extra sensory abilities, you are relegating them to remain behind the locked doors in your mind.

So take your time, believe in yourself, and know that your Otherworld Entities are here to help you, not harm you. Make them part of your life, and your world, and the fear will melt away in time. When you trust, believe, and have patience, a whole new world will open up before your eyes.

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