Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Why Are There Different Theories of Otherworld Entities Between Seller?

You may notice that every Otherworld Entity dealer has different views of Otherworld Entities.  Some sellers state that Otherworld Entities are true spirits, in that they are dead, in which case they can't reproduce.  Or that Otherworld Entities are highly evolved and above emotions of anger, hostility, jealousy, etc.  Or that people don't need to feed their Otherworld Entity, because they are dead.  Or they state that Otherworld Entities can't be injured, become ill or die.  And some sellers have lists of spirits that can't be bound, or don't exists, so if their clients find sellers selling these type of spirits they are frauds.

So why is there so many differences between the sellers?  Why don't sellers tout the same knowledge?  I ask you another question:  Why wouldn't there be differences between sellers?  

If you look at any subject in the entire world from soft drink brands to religion, everyone chooses something different.  Everyone has their own preferences based on their tastes, perceptions, upbringing, research, or just their mood.  I don't think there is one single group of individuals in this entire world that holds the same exact beliefs in this entire world.  

Even if you look at religion, you will find subtle differences and beliefs from person to person.  My mentor has always been a devout Catholic, and while she holds many of the beliefs of the Catholic church, she also believes in psychic abilities, spirit guides, and Otherworld Entities.  She has worked on many unsolved cases with the local police department.  She cleanses and blesses houses and spaces, she removes dark spirits from houses, she has premonitions, reads palms, gives tarot readings, she uses automatic writing to speak with her deceased father, spirit guides, angels, and even Mary.  She loves to read about Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, and believes in walk-ins.  Does this mean she isn't Catholic?  No.  She believes her psychic abilities are a gift from God.  And most of her beliefs in religion are outside of the norm of most Catholics.  But most people don't follow religious text word for word, some but not all.  And when you get to know someone, you may find they have subtle differences outside of established religions.

People develop their beliefs, perceptions, and their rhetoric in various ways when it comes to religion, Otherworld Entities, the unseen world, or even car brands.  People may rely in what they were taught as children, through school and study of text, they may also make their decisions based on personal experience.  Some people choose whatever their best friend believes in, or what the majority of their friends believe.  Everyone develops their beliefs in many different ways.  

I can't speak for all Otherworld Entity dealers, but I can speak for myself.  I haven't spent years studying mythology, I didn't receive my knowledge from my parents, I didn't go through some magickal understudy.  I am not regurgitating information from any one source.  

I have learned information from my mentor, some magickal text, and hours upon hours of conversations with deceased humans, demons, angels, and Otherworld Entities.  I find the answers to the source of Otherworld Entities complex.  I find the theory of "Every Otherworld Entity is Dead" to be a short sided view of Otherworld Entities.  In fact, I find the concept of either living in flesh or dead explanation devoid of the complexity of this world and all the worlds in various dimensions and planes of existence.  

Even physicists have accepted a broader view of the universe with String Theory, or M Theory.  Even they agree that there are dimensions without flesh forms or even without the laws of physics present in this world.  I was taught the concept of various dimensions from my Mentor, and I find String Theory closer to the explanation of Otherworld Entities than they are dead.  Other dealers may tell you the world is flat, there is only living and dead, but I say that the worlds are multi-dimensional beyond the concepts of living or dead.  It is vast and complex.

My views are different than some Otherworld Entity dealers, and that's okay.  We all hold our various beliefs for various reasons, but that is what makes this country so great.  We can believe what we want to believe, and everyone has the right to choose.  I can only tell you what I believe to be the truth, and it's up to you to decide if you agree or not.  

I can't tell you I know everything, because I don't.  I don't know anyone on the face of this earth that knows everything.  But you can decide if my truth rings true with you or not, because unlike some Otherworld Entity Dealers, I am not going to send Demons to attack you if you disagree.  Because it's okay if you disagree.  

How do you know which Otherworld Entity Dealer is right?  I don't think it's a question of who is right and who's wrong.  It's about what rings true with you.  It would be like saying which major religion in the entire world is right.  It depends on who you ask.  If you asked someone in my city, it would be different than if you asked someone in China, India, or Saudi Arabia. 

Everyone that chooses a religious path may choose it because it's what they were taught as a child, and some may take their own spiritual journey.  I think this is the same as Otherworld Entity dealers.  Some have been taught this knowledge either as a child or later in life, and others have retained their knowledge through their spiritual journey.  

I wasn't taught the information I believe in as a child, but I have asked my Otherworld Entities many questions.  I believe that some of the Otherworld Entity dealers do sell some true deceased spirits, but I do not.  

I may call Otherworld Entities spirits, but that isn't in the true sense of the word.  The Otherworld Entities I call aren't dead, but they live in one of the dimensional planes near our own.  Otherworld Entities have children, and they have a variety of personalities.  They fight, get jealous, possessive, angry, sad, happy, joyful, etc.  Some try to lift themselves above base emotions, and some are successful and some are not.  Otherworld Entities argue from ethics to the best way to accomplish a task.  Otherworld Entities do need energy from this world, just like deceased humans.  Human spirits draw in energy, but don't eat food.  Everything in all the worlds consumes energy in one form or another to convert to their own use.  

I can't say that I am the only one that is right, and everyone else is wrong.  I can only tell you what I have learned and what I believe.  You must decide what rings true for you, and you may even change your mind along your journey.  But that doesn't mean that you were wrong.  People's beliefs and views change throughout their lives.  That is just part of life.  

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