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Manifestation is the act of Otherworld Entities using their energy, power, and presence to affect change in this world.  They may make their presence known, grant your wishes or communicate with you in your preferred manner.  

Although some people gage the abilities of their Otherworld Entities based on their manifestations, I don't think that is true.  I find that many of the younger Otherworld Entities aren't opposed to manifestations or showing off as compared to the older and more experienced Otherworld Entities.  

The younger Otherworld Entitles are kind of like the children or teenagers we find in our society.  They feel good about themselves when they get attention and people notice them.  Or they like to show what they are capable of doing.  Not all, but many have no opposition to a demonstration of their powers.  However, even the younger Otherworld Entities have their limits, and they may grow tired of demands for tricks.  

I find that most older Otherworld Entities do not like demands of manifestations from their Keepers.  Most feel they are beyond circus tricks, and they prefer to use their energy more constructively.  They would rather use their energy to grant your wishes, and tend to ignore the demands for manifestations.  

Some Otherworld Entities feel degraded if they are requested to show their presence upon demand.  It would be like walking up to your grandmother and asking her to hop on one foot and quack like a duck.  While she could do this, it is a bit too degrading to waste her time and energy and she might feel disrespected for this request.  This isn't true for all Otherworld Entities, but I find that the majority of the mature Otherworld Entities tend to have more dignity and act more professional.  

I find that if you give your Otherworld Entities time, respect and love that they may produce manifestations without request.  Most of my Otherworld Entities have produced fabulous manifestations within the first 3 years of being in my Keep.  Some produce manifestations immediately and some will surprise you after several years in your Keep.

I often request my Otherworld Entities to produce manifestations during one of my photo shoots.  I have explained that I plan to share these photos with the world to prove they are real.  So these photos help their cause as well as my own.  With reasonable explanations and time they have produced manifestations.  Often I have to take hundreds of photos on several different days to find clear manifestations that most people can identify.  The majority of my photos are undefined smoke, or undefined energy displays, and sometimes there is nothing, but with patience and time I do find some fabulous photos.

To give you some idea of the type of Otherworld Entity manifestations I have experienced from bound Otherworld Entities in my Keep, I have complied a list.  

I have seen manifestations of light flashes and movement from the corner of my eye, orbs, smoke, fog, heavy air, thumps and knocks, walking or stomping sounds, footprints with water or in snow, water splashes, doors opening and closing, roars, sneezes, clearing the throat, laughing, barks, meows, howling, growls, hissing, bird cries, mimicked voices and sounds, distant undefined people talking-like from a crowd, clear voices, singing, humming, instrumental songs, whispers, shadows, shadows in shadows, emotional changes, feeling as if someone is watching you, touches, energy sensations from vessels and from Otherworld Entities, tingles, kisses, light touches, bruises, movement or disappearing and reappearing items, items moved, video tapes pushed into the VCR right before your eyes, television turned on and off, computer turning off, light bulbs breaking, electrical fluctuations, stolen items returned, partial manifestations, full manifestations, premonitions, telepathic messages, subconscious messages; communication through automatic writing, pendulum, or Ouija; lucid dreams, astral travel, visits in dreams.  

Vessels produce all sorts of physical manifestations from tingles, prickling, tickling, quivering, fluttering, feeling like the vessel moves in your hand, physical sensations as if the Otherworld Entity is on your hand or arm, or an energy that swirls or moves on your skin.  They become hot, cold, or change temperature in a few seconds.  Stones become more brilliant or they change color.  When I have transferred particularly strong Otherworld Entities, sometimes they fracture or chip the stone they enter.     

The manifestations that I experience will not be the same for every individual.  I believe it depends on psychic ability, psychic blocks, feeding of your Otherworld Entity, bonding time, length of time in your Keep, relationship between the Otherworld Entity and their Keeper, your expectations; strength, ability, personality, and age of the Otherworld Entity.  

I have found that some Keepers have a very limited view of manifestations, and if their Otherworld Entity has not complied with a full manifestation in the first two weeks of their relationship, they consider their Otherworld Entity a dud.  

People that have never communicated, seen or interacted with deceased humans expect to see a full manifestation of an Otherworld Entity once they touch the vessel.  And they are angry when they haven't seen their Otherworld Entity after a week or two.  Even people that are tuned-in to the unseen world and can see and communicate with the dead may have a bit of adjustment when it comes to Otherworld Entities.  Some people can see the dead, but not see Otherworld Entities, and sometimes they can.  It varies from person to person.  

Otherworld Entities are not part of our culture of instant gratification.  This is a journey, not a quick route to your own personal paranormal show.  Give them respect, attention, feed, and bond with them.  

Just like friends do favors for you in this world, Otherworld Entities will do favors for you when they feel your true friendship and love.  Give them time, love, respect, and they may remove enough psychic blocks for you to see a manifestation.  And that manifestation may be something you think about for years to come.  

I have seen the frustration from many new Otherworld Entity Keepers because they haven't seen a spirit manifestation in 2 weeks of receiving their first vessel.  Just because you receive the vessel, it doesn't give you immediate abilities that others have worked for years and years to achieve.  Many of the Spirit Keeper that can see and hear their spirits have dedicated hundreds of hours working toward opening their 3rd eye and gaining psychic abilities.  Many have waited 6 months to several years before they see any physical manifestations.  

Most people assume that as soon as they wish to have their psychic blocks removed, their 3rd eye open, and to see a manifestation, that they will see something immediately.  If this happens for a newbie, it is pretty rare and remarkable.  

Expecting a full manifestation upon the receipt of your first Otherworld Entity vessel would be like expecting me expecting to win a gold medal in the 100 meter dash at the Olympics because I know how to run.  Well, yes, I know how to run, but I don't have the talent, experience, and hard work of an Olympic gold medalist.  Psychic abilities and learning to hear and see Otherworld Entities is a process of talent, practice, and hard work.  I can't guarantee that you will see and hear them, but if you try and work at it you will see results over time.  How long?  I don't know.    

One factor that may inhibit manifestations may be your definition of manifestation is different than your Otherworld Entity.  Just as each of individual might define the word differently, so do different Otherworld Entities.  Some Otherworld Entities consider their physical presence, moving objects, or physical proof of their existence as a manifestation.  But others consider wish granting, causing changes in this world, communication, or any proof of their existence as manifestation.  

I had one client that was very upset with their Otherworld Entity because they had not communicated with them or shown their presence.  This Keeper was a closet Otherworld Entity Keeper, and there are many out there.  There are Keepers that have roommates, parents, children, spouses, or other members of their household that have no inclination of their Otherworld Entities, their beliefs, nor that their favorite jewelry are in fact vessels that contain Otherworld Entities.

This particular client had others in their household that weren't aware of their Otherworld Entities.  In order to limit their exposure, they had given strict instructions that the Otherworld Entity was never, ever to manifest.

A couple of months into the bonding period, the client contacted me and they were worried because they had been unable to contact their Otherworld Entity.  They asked me to assist them with this problem.  I contacted the Otherworld Entity and I was reminded of the strict instructions they received, "Never ever manifest." 

I informed the Keeper of the instruction they had given the Otherworld Entity, and the reluctance of the Entity to disobey this order.  The Keeper had a different definition of manifestation than the Otherworld Entity.  The Keeper didn't want the Otherworld Entity to physically appear to the family or make it obvious that a spirit resided in the household.  The Otherworld Entity on the other hand thought that any proof of their existence would be a manifestation.  

As you can see, there was a conflict of definitions, and no context or explanation of what the word manifestation meant to each individual.  The lack of explanation let the Otherworld Entity define the word by their own interpretation of the word.

We must always remember that these individuals do not live in our society.  It is best to provide more explanation than too little, and when you speak with them, it is best to visualize the information as well.  Otherworld Entities have access to your thoughts and images, and when you provide complete information, they are better able to grant your wishes.  

If you tell a newly bound Djinn to ensure that you don't get a ticket on your way to work, they have several questions running through their mind.  How do you get a ticket?  What is a ticket?  Who gives the ticket?  It is almost like a newly immigrated individual from a remote village in a 3rd world country entering the United States.  If you have never driven a car, don't know the laws, and you don't know the parameters to receive violations, how are you going to prevent you Keeper from getting a ticket?

It is always best to give more information than too little, and you can't always expect every Otherworld Entity to understand the meaning of words in the same context.  If you have a complex wish, they may be unable to grant it if they are unsure of how they can bring about your wish.  Maybe they don't understand the dynamics of a relationship you want repaired, or they don't understand all the meanings of the word, or they just have no idea how to create a situations that best suits you.  But there are some Otherworld Entities that have more experience with humans than others, and they have a better idea than others.  

I suggest that you visualize the outcome you wish to see, explain the problem in great detail, and visualize all that you are explaining.  It may take some Otherworld Entities more time than others when granting wishes.  Some don't have experience in our world, and some don't know the context of every request we give them.  

This is a learning experience for both parties involved.  Calm down, take a breath, take time to meditate, work on communication, and bond with your Otherworld Entity.  Talk with your Otherworld Entity, talk about your life, your goals, your dreams, your past.  Make them your friend and ally.  Talk about your family, show them photos, or even talk to them about the movie you just watched or the book you read.  Include them in your family celebrations.  Do special things for them like give them a slice of fruit, water, sparkling grape juice, a beautiful stone you found on your hike, etc.  Don't force the journey, because forcing it causes blocks.  Enjoy and rejoice with each milestone you reach in your spiritual journey.   

Relax when you finally have a manifestation.  Take a deep breath and relax when you hear a bump, noise, or knock.  Know that your Otherworld Entity is trying to let you know they are there.  Don't freak out when they reach out to you for the first time.  Throw doubt out the window and trust your instincts.  If you think you heard a voice, then you did.  If you think you heard a knock, then you did.  If you saw a flash of light streak through the air, you did.  Don't rationalize, or try to doubt yourself.  

This is a journey, a learning experience, and sunshine in the journey of your life.  Enjoy it and don't rush it.  The more relaxed and calm you are, the faster the milestones.  

Remember those car rides you took as a kid?  How the journey seemed so long if you counted every mile marker and anxiously awaited every town?  The journey took forever.  But if you relaxed, listen to music, read a book, or talked with your friends the journey was much quicker.  This is a similar journey.  Quit counting the days, and becoming discouraged with every single day that is without a manifestation.  It will happen when it happens.

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