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Spirit Realm's Psychic Abilities Pendant

I have been working on the ingredients of this pendant for 6 months.  I have researched, purchased, and constructed this pendant.  I was surprised at the level of energy each of them contain, and I'm excited to hear the results from my customers.  I think you will be amazed at your psychic progress with the aid of this powerful pendants.  

I started with a successful base, Witches Finger, and added 9 more stones.  These stones were compiled into pendants and secured with resin.  They have cured for over 30 days and they were Activated 9 times, which is 52 hours of spell work.  

Activating the stones awakens their metaphysical properties, connects them to the energy of the Earth, and radiates their energy 24/7.  This pendant will radiate energy without recharging them under the light of the moon.  

This spell will remain active in the stone forever with proper care. Do not get it wet, expose it to chemicals, or put it in an ultra sonic cleaner. If the silver tarnishes, you can clean it with a silver polishing cloth.  The Sunshine Cloths available through my store are great to polish silver, gold, brass, and copper.  This cloth isn't included in this price, but available for purchase separately.

I will include a free charging bag that has been charged 3 times. This bag will help keep the crystal cleansed of negative energy. The bag must remain dust free and can't be washed. 

Metaphysical Properties of Spirit Realm's Psychic Ability Pendant:

Psychic Abilities:

Remove psychic blocks.
Psychic resonance and abilities
Stimulate the 3rd Eye
Awaken spiritual, psychic, and mystical qualities.
Expand Awareness of self and surroundings.
Raising the state of conscious awareness for spirit communication and awareness of manifestations.
Stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels.
Ability to see and hear spirits.
Promotion of reconnection between the conscious self and the mystic which lives within the super-consciousness.
Connect with universal knowledge.
Receive information without judgment.
Motivates and facilitates channeling activities.
Fine tuner of Clairaudience abilities.
Telepathic communication.
Eliminate psychic blocks caused from fear.
Eliminate traits that hinder your growth.
Attract New Spirit Guides or teachers.
Help you find the path of your spiritual journey.
Guidance and clarity.
Understanding of ethereal worlds.
Reach higher states of spiritual and emotional connectedness.
Assists in remembering why you are here, and what you must learn.
Helps in spiritual journey and astral travel.
Protective field or shield of protection around the physical body.
Protection against psychic attack.
Assist in Astral Travel.
Facilitate memory of Astral and Dream travel.
Interpretation of visions.
Help the mind to remember information from astral travel and channeling.
Alignment between the spiritual self and the psychic and astral planes.
Access past-lives.
Visions of the future.
Knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality.
Psychic healing.
Enhance healing and meditation.

Chakras/Meridian Benefits:

Energy Amplifier. 
Align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, and astral bodies.
Balance, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the ethereal network.
Alignment of physical and ethereal nervous system.
Attunement and alignment of all chakras automatically.
Cleansing and clearing the outer bodies.
Stimulate, open, balance, and cleanse all energy meridians.
Activated, stimulated, energy flow on all levels.
Dispels energy blockages, assists in moving energy from ethereal plane.
Grounding during the alignment of chakras.
Clear and activate all of the Chakras.
Stimulate base chakra and energy flow to heart chakra to the crown chakra.
Open heart chakra and crown.
Stimulate heart chakra.
Increases energy and activates and aligns the base and heart chakras
Root and Heart Chakras Aligned.
Balance yin-yang energies.
Transmutes negative energy to positive energy.

Emotional Benefits:

Release old attachments, patterns, and habits.
Release fear from your heart.
Dispels anger and frustration.
Dispels confusion arising from emotional, spiritual, and intellectual issues.
Cut through unconscious assumptions.
Eliminate the feeling of abandonment and restraint.
Dispels jealousy.
Eases compulsive behavior and thinking.
Overcome doubt, self criticism, confusion, and fear.
Relieves sorrow.
Amplification of ones traits and characteristics, and ability to overcome the lesser attributes.  
See the problem and find the solution.
See into the self and others.
Creates endurance toward goals.
Balance and Harmony
Brings peace, calm, knowing.  
Tranquility and calming.
Long lasting love.  
Alteration of life toward stability and comfort.
Helps deepest desires to manifest.
Self respect.
Revitalizes personal power.  
Learn to trust yourself.
Healing of the emotions.
Facilitate clarity for mental awareness and linear reasoning.
Induce recall of dreams, and provides solutions.
Stimulating energy and supports one in the continuation of projects.
Orderly growth to the intellect, emotions, and physical body.  
Enhance imagination and creativity.
Appreciation of the creative forces of nature.
Instill faithfulness and loyalty in love, personal affiliations, and business relationships.
Become invisible when you don't want to be noticed.
Clarity of the mind.
Encourages energetic and impulsive original thinking and manifestation.
Produces stamina with hyperactive individuals.

Physical Benefits:

Help body remember and return to the state before disease.
Strengthen memory.
Extend ones lifespan.
Prevent and overcome damage caused by free radicals.
Activate receipt of information for restoration of physical body.
Strength and virility of youth.

Mineral #1

When Witches Finger has been activated and charged with spell work and/or spirits, I have had positive responses from customers. 

Individuals that were experiencing blocks have made huge strides in their abilities to see and hear spirits as well as communication. 

Some have seen and heard paranormal activity for the first time, or have had a great increase in their abilities. It is a very powerful stone.

Witches Fingers in their natural state are some of the most knarled and ugly crystals you will ever see. They received their name because they look like the fingers of the ugly fairy tale witch. But the combination of several minerals, is unmistakably powerful. Each Witches Fingers are a combination of Smoky Quartz, Muscovite, Magnetite, Sphalerite, Hematite, and Actinolite.

These stones are difficult to come by, as the mine in Zambia is now closed due to political unrest. 

These are excellent sources of energy for Otherworld Entities, and this is one of the crystals I use as an alternate feeding source for my spirits. Not only are these crystals beneficial for spirits, but they will change your world, and open your perception to psychic abilities and Otherworld Entities. 

When you bring a Witches Finger into your life, you will attract new spirit guides and teachers. This stone is your declaration to the universe that you are ready and willing to accept its teachings and guidance. 

This is your declaration to follow your chosen path, and will help you release old attachments and habits. The changes will manifest in your aura, and will attract the right teachers for you at crucial points in your journey. This crystal will help you channel the information, and help you decipher the information and help you apply it to your journey. 

This crystal will help you to acknowledge who you are, and eliminate any traits that hinder your growth. It will guide you to the right direction, give you clarity, and create balance and harmony. It will help you release fear from your heart, so you are open to receive information from those around you without being judgmental, or blocking energy flow through fear, which will limit your personal growth. It can help to attract those that will help you develop as a spiritual being within the cosmic consciousness.

This mineral will assist in astral travel and dream work. It will help you to recall your spiritual teachings, and help you intuitively use information from these experiences. It will assist you on your journey while you experience life's lessons. 

The Witches Fingers are very energetic, and it may leave you feeling "high" or "stoned" on its energy. It is not uncommon for individuals to feel ungrounded in the beginning, so caution must be exercised with this stone until you are used to it. Please do not drive, or use any other types of heavy machinery until you are used to it. Sensitive individuals may experience more physical sensations, and they may need to use caution and limit their exposure until they have become used to the energy. 

This stone never needs clearing, they bring positive new energy, assist one in achieving higher states of spiritual and emotional connectedness. They call new dreams to assist you in your journey. They open the heart chakra and crown, connecting the heart and heaven. They bring peace, calm, knowing, and the ability to make decisions from the heart. Assists in remembering why you are here, and what you must learn. Great for astral travel and dream work. When used with a Herkimer Diamond, they will help with lucid dreaming. 

Mineral #2

Attunement, align all chakras automatically and immediately with no conscious direction.  If directed with the consciousness of the user, it can also open the chakras.  Conscious direction of the energy can also align the emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, ethereal, or astral bodies.  It brings tranquility and a calming effect to the whole being, with particular focus on the throat chakra and the 3rd eye.  It stimulates communication and psychic awareness on all levels.  It dispels anger and frustration and helps to facilitate clarity with respect to mental awareness and linear reasoning.  It induces one to persevere in activities and situations which would, generally reduce ones strength; it provides a stimulating energy and supports one in the continuation of projects.  It further advances the conscious connection between the higher levels of intuition and heart felt love, producing compassion in both communication and decision-making.  It also assists in dispelling confusion arising from emotional, spiritual, and intellectual issues.

It helps to get into meditation, the calming clearing effect can be useful because the energy is accessible, gentle, and balanced.  It is also quite useful when accessing the astral plane when connection with ones guides.  It further helps to induce recall of dreams and to promote dream-solving, providing for access to solutions during the dream state.

It provides for balancing of the yin-yang energies, bringing an orderly growth to the intellect, emotions, and physical body.  It dispels energy blockages, moving energy from ethereal plane, in a gentle, yet, forceful way through the physical body.

Mineral #3

Provides for grounding during the alignment of the of the chakras; when used with Mineral #2, the alignment and the grounding are both spontaneous and self-operating.

Mineral #4

It is an excellent balancing agent, polarizing and aligning the physical body with the ethereal network.

It provides a protective field around the environment in which it is placed; tends to install a shield of protection around the physical body.  

It is a sender and receiver; telepathic communication is enhanced, contact with worldly beings is initiated, and communication with ones spirit totem is either introduced or the intensification of information is facilitated.

It helps one in spiritual journeys and in astral travel, allowing for the experience of flight to be second-nature.

It is an excellent stone for promotion of both astrological and mathematical understand and comprehension.

It represents peace to the world and the "brotherhood" both within and without of the galactic configurations.

It is a "stone for raising the state of consciousness awareness" and for promoting clear and orderly communication.

It dispels anger, renews ones connected-ness with universal knowledge, and initiates a parting -of-the-impediments during innovative pursuits.  

It can be used to induce the re-birthing process, to provide impetus and guidance in psychic healing, and to open the pathway for channeling.

In the energy transfer to facilitate psychic healing, it provides for the linking of the network between the psychic and the infrastructure of the ethereal energy field.

Mineral #5

This mineral can create a clear path to balance the yin-yang energies, bringing the qualities of clarity and clear spirit, and balancing of the subtle bodies.

It helps one to see into a problem in order to actualize a resolution.  It helps one to see into others, reading thoughts and evaluating words.  It helps one to see within the self, allowing for the attunement to ones spirituality and to the outer dimensions in order to facilitate harmonious polarization.

It brings solutions to he mind and stimulates an appraising perspective, allowing one to see that which would normally be concealed.  It can be used to stimulate the third-eye and to assist in the interpretation of visions.

Using this stone can be rather addictive; awareness to the other facets of life is recommended (i.e. one may be tempted to procrastinate in other areas of ones life so that more time can be utilized in working with it.)

It further stimulates the imagination, enhancing creativity in the area of business and acting to supplement the materials and possessions which one desires.

Mineral #6
This mineral releases electrical impulses when placed under pressure, and is an energy amplifier.  It is said to help the mind and body to remember - the mind, to remember information brought to bear during astral travel and channeling experiences; the body, to remember the state of perfection during disease in order to return to the natural state of flawlessness.

It is useful in multi-directional energy distribution; it appears that the energy , which is directed inward toward the central forces of this mineral, separates and returns at double the intensity.  It brings for a polarizing prismatic energy, which engenders a spectrum of energy to clear and to activate all of the chakras.

It is the world teacher for all of humanity, facilitating macrocosmic awareness and appreciation of the creative forces of nature.  It is an excellent stone when studying the arts and sciences.

It has been used at all chakras to provide for the amplification of the energy available.

This stone can be also be used to remind one of the double meaning of words and to, hence, assist one in communication during difficult conversations.  It is an excellent mineral for use when cleansing and clearing the outer bodies.

Mineral #7

This mineral causes amplification of ones traits and characteristics, therefore, providing impetus to overcome the lesser attributes.  It helps one to recognize and to feel the creativity which is within the self, providing inspiration and imagination to all situations.

It furthers clean, true, and spontaneous action, enhancing that which one is feeling and allowing for the release of inhibitions.

It can be used to strengthen the memory and to instill faithfulness and loyalty with respect to love, personal affiliations, and business relationships.

It has been used to assist one in becoming "invisible" in circumstances where one does not wish to be noticed.  It brings one a quality of "fading-into-the-background" when the energy is so directed.

It is known as a "stone of happy dreams and changes"' the happy dreams arising from the understanding of personal higher potentials coupled with the glad acceptance of ones inherent perfection.  The happy changes emanate from those events and situations which allow ones aspirations to surface.

This mineral has been used to awaken both the psychic and the mystical qualities.  It helps one to understand the higher powers of intuition and mysticism and to utilize these powers to enhance personal understanding and personal experiences in the realms of the sacred and avant-garde aspects of being.

It produces a gentle vitality to stimulate ones pursuits in the spiritual realm, and assisting in the alignment between the spiritual self and the psychic and astral planes.

It has been used by the Native American Indian and the Australian aboriginal shaman to invoke visions; it has also been used during the Native American ceremony of the vision quest, and by the Australian aborigines during ceremonial "dreamtime".

It is a "stone for renewal", renewing the sacred relationship between the self and "All That Is".  It helps to guide one in the journey of life, promoting permanence in the connection between the conscious self and the inner "knowing".

It teaches love and non-violence, providing for nourishment in all aspects of development. 

It assists in helping one to release old "patterns", to deepen insight into psychological issues, and to cleanse and to purify the mind and the heart-space.

It is also a "stone of spiritual awakening", bringing the creative aspects of the universe to the actualization of the holder.  It is an excellent stone for activating the mechanisms of inner healing on the emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical levels.  It assists one in the entry to and the maintenance of the meditative state furthering conscious connection to those of other planes and existence.  

Mineral #8

This mineral provides for clarity of the mind, expanding ones awareness of the self and of ones surroundings.

It can be used to access past-lives as well as future lives - the future lives being those which are probable at this time, if ones physical life proceeds in the direction in which it is now going.  It should be noted that access to the future is also compatible to this life - one will be presented with situations which are very likely to occur during this life on this plane (again, dependent upon the course of progress one chooses during ones lifetime).

It has been used to decrease reticence and to assist one in the acquisition of materialistic pursuits related to business.  It can also assist one in issues of judgment and can provide the required insight and ameliorative energies to promote justice during adjudication of disputes.  It has been used as a sharp sword of awareness, cutting through unconscious assumptions and promoting the re-connection between the conscious self and the mystic which lives within the super-consciousness.

It can be used to provide both flexibility to ones nature and strength to ones decisions.  It allows one to see the inner workings of any situation and to understand the superficial and the deeper meanings inherent in same.  It also allows one to access the interior of the physical body in order to understand existing disorders, providing information with respect to the "fix".

It can be used to provide amelioration of disorders associated with poisoning due to the metals in the "fillings" of the teeth.  It can also be used to facilitate regeneration of the cellular structure and the protective membrane linings which surround the cells - hence, providing a tool to both prevent and to overcome damage caused by the well known "free radical"; examples of the effects which can be overcome include cancer, tumors, age spots, wrinkles, and light sensitivity.  It can be used to correct disorders and deformities of the skeletal system, and to stabilize epileptic disorders.  It has also been used to extend ones lifespan.

Mineral #9

Lemurian Crystals are an anomaly in the birth of crystals. Lemurians are found loose in sand banks, and not in the normal environment of quartz crystals. It is believed that they were left by an advanced civilization whose consciousness was centered upon spiritual and emotional dimensions. The glyphs or striations on the crystals are said to hold the Lemurian knowledge left for future generations to contemplate. It is said that you can learn their message by meditating and gently rubbing the glyphs. Lemurian Crystals have been used by metaphysical practioners for channeling, chakra clearing, balancing and dream work. 

These are Lemurian Crystals from Tibet. It is believed that these crystals promote contact with the ancient cultures of the East, bringing knowledge and information concerning healing and spirituality to the user. It is believed that they enhance healing and meditation. 

Wearing the Tibetan crystal has induced total centering of the self and has, when accessed, produced an energy conducive to channeling.

The crystal tends to contain a very powerful "OM" vibration, prompting the inventive powers. The body can attune to this resonance and can radiate the energy and verity of the higher-self. 

Kirlian photography has shown that, when cleansed, these crystals emanate the total spectrum of color, and can hence, be applied to all energy meridians for stimulation and cleansing - and can be used in the healing of all centers. (From the book, Love is in the Earth by Melody.)

These crystals have a Dolomite hood over them in various levels. Two of the crystals are pink Lemurians with Dolomite, and one is a yellow Lemurian with Dolomite. 

The pink Lemurians with a Dolomite veil are called Bridal Veil Quartz. Bridal Veil Quartz is a stone of long lasting love. It helps remind us where this love came from in difficult times and reminds us that true love is worth fighting for. It helps keep one faithful during trying times or during long absences. When placed within an environment it brings a loving peace to it and help eliminate negative energies. This stone can be used to cleanse others but still needs to be cleansed itself on occasion.

Dolomite encourages charitable actions and relieves sorrow in such a way as to assist one to recognize that there are actually no reasons to be sorrowful (i.e. "everything happens for a reason"). It encourages energetic and impulsive original thinking and manifestation. It also assists in producing stamina when one is dealing with hyperactive individuals. 

Pink-Phantom Quartz Crystals have been used to stimulate the heart chakra and to provide a direct connection between one another. It can be used to eliminate the feeling of abandonment and restraint, and to assist one in continuing toward ones goals without confinement. It has also been used by healers to activate the receipt of information for restoration of the physical body.

Harlequin Quartz is quartz containing red dots or red strings of either Hematite or Lepidcrocite. It provides a beautiful "dancing" energy, which, when activated, stimulates the energy flow on all levels. 

It can be used to stimulate the base chakra and to provide for a direct pathway between the base chakra and the heart chakra; it can, hence, be used to direct and to intensify devotional proclivities. It activates all of the qualities of the base (first) chakra, the heart chakra, and the crown chakra, and provides physical energy and vitality to the physical body. 

It further stimulates the healing qualities of the heart and the associated attributes of loving consciousness. 

It can be used to balance the polarity of ones body with the higher bodies and to open and balance the meridians of the physical body, stimulating the alignment of the physical and ethereal nervous systems. 

It has been used to traverse the gap between the physical world and the spiritual worked, and can help one to understand transitions.

The yellow spots on the Dolomite is Limonite which is a generic designation for a variety of oxides of iron. This mineral can assist one in the alteration of ones life toward stability and comfort. It helps one to remove from the "marsh of existence" and to further gain the "aspirations of the mountain", reaching toward the infinite powers of the mind. 

It provides for the strength and virility of youth, enhancing the substance of ones character and providing an "iron hat" for protection against detrimental thoughts, impaired clarity, and psychic attack. It also furthers accuracy in the intuitive process. 

Yellow phantoms stimulate the fusion of the energies for the intellect and the crown chakra. It serves to bring intellectual understanding to the concept of the ethereal worlds and motivates channeling activities. When directed, it provides for a clearing action while directing any negative energy, which is within the area, toward the light of transmutation. It also stimulates the intellectual capabilities of the user, bringing clarity of thought to the utilization of the healing energies of the mineral kingdom. 

Mineral #10

It allows for the hearts deepest desires to manifest in the physical. It allows the things we love the most to become part of our everyday living, thus allowing for a fulfilling life. It is our hearts desire that comes from the Divine. It increases our energy and activates and aligns the base and heart chakras. Once the heart is open, self respect follows and the confidence to share your talents openly, thus following your hearts desire. It helps overcome doubt, self criticism, confusion and fear. Its energies support us as we move in the direction of our dreams.

It is considered a personal power stone that increases and revitalizes one's personal power. Psychically, it helps with clairaudience, manifestation, and psychic resonance and abilities, and is a psychically protective stone. It is sometimes considered a "fine tuner". It  is also a stone of the heart, bringing harmony of heart matters, and dispelling jealousy. It  also brings the root and heart chakras into alignment, as well as activating the heart chakra. Emotionally it is helpful for learning to trust oneself and others, and eases compulsive behavior and thinking. It is also good for healing the emotions. 

Love is in the Earth by Melody….

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