Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Otherworld Abby - Mz. Taken

Dear Otherworld Abby:  

I had a traumatic experience in which I left my body.  I think it was just too much for my mind to handle, and I went into a void.  In this void I had awareness and thoughts, but I didn't have an astral form.  I was huddled in the darkness and all alone.  In the void there was nothing.  There were no people, no lights, and just nothing at all.  I have no idea how long I was in this void.  I have no way of knowing how much time had past from the moment I left until I returned.  Do you know what happened to me or where I went?  

Mz. Taken 

Dear Mz. Taken, 

When humans have traumatic experiences there are several levels of consciousness they may experience as a psychological reprieve. They may "black out" as some say, or they may astral travel, or even enter a dream state.  

In rare cases they will have an experience very much like what you described.  The void is a place where souls initially go before their destination to the human heaven.  It is a place where a soul involved in a traumatic death takes refuge while they come to grips with their situation.  They do not stay there forever, but they eventually have an opportunity to leave.  Those that have spent some time in the void may call upon anything they need, but not all know this.  The void exists in the astral plane, and is very receptive and able to be manipulated by will.

If someone had been in a traumatic situation, there is a possibility that the mind might escape to the void.  If only the mind was in the void, or the aware portion of the soul, it may have left without the projected ethereal body.  

If you were meant to go onto the human heaven at that point, your mind and soul would have been reunited and then moved on.  But since you have continued your life on Earth, it wasn't time for you to go yet.  

The are so many dimensions and planes of existence that the human mind can't even fathom.  There is life after death in this world.  Your soul goes on and lives in another dimension where you may work, play, and love again.  


Otherworld Abby

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