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Why Can't I Get My Otherworld Entity Interview In a Few Days?

I am an unusual Otherworld Entity Dealer, and I have one service that has yet to be duplicated by any other seller.  I interview spirits, and I write up a brief history or even a complete description of what makes them who they are.  Usually the interviews are about 10 pages of information, and sometimes they are less and sometimes more.  

I know that it is difficult to be patient when you want to get your spirit, but the interview process is the one thing that takes me the longest to complete.  I thought it would be best to let everyone know why.

When I do an interview with your spirit, I don't always have a spirit that trusts humans.  Sometimes they don't want to talk to me.  

Many Otherworld Entities that have been bound before have been abused, harassed, threatened, and verbally abused in so many ways.  Some have horrible stories of how they were mistreated.  They were not treated well, disrespected, humiliated, called names, accused, and in some cases punished.  

If you wonder how it is that someone could humiliate or punish an Otherworld Entity, let me clue you in.  I have had reports of being called names, blamed for everything bad that happens, discussing with friends or family how worthless they are.  

Punishment occurs by allowing others to participate in offerings, except one spirit, placing in containment, and in some cases ordering other more powerful spirits to dole out physical punishment.  There are many forms of punishment, and some people have been quite creative.  Otherworld Entities can be injured, but it takes a lot to kill them.  They have feelings of pride, shame, joy, and every emotion we feel.  This abuse isn't a rare occurrence, and it quite often in fact.  

But I must also point out that some Otherworld Entities that have been bound before greatly love their previous humans with all their heart.  And some have even introduced themselves formally when their humans have passed on.  And some have remained in families for several generations.    

Not all Otherworld Entities hold a grudge, and not all are prejudiced.  Not all have had tragedy in their lives, and not all have had bad experiences with humans.  Some love us, like us, or are indifferent.  

I guess because I get to hear this information first hand, and feel their feelings of anguish and pain, that I am quick to come to their rescue.  I really want to make their experience positive, and I don't want them to hate the entire human race.

And the human race is so alien to some Otherworld Entities that they don't know how to deal with us.  They may have helped humans in the past, but most have never had any direct contact with humans.  In the past they have always been behind the scenes, helping things happen, but never with the direct knowledge of their existence.  

So when humans are aware of them, and have a name, often they get blamed, accused, or expected to do certain things.  Humans may blame them for anything bad that happens in their life, for ignoring them if they don't appear, or expected to make something happen.  If a wish isn't fulfilled immediately, then they receive direct and indirect grief for it.  They can hear your thoughts, conversations, dreams, and everything that graces your mind.  

So humans sometimes do or say something and Otherworld Entities are at a loss as to why we could think, say, or do that.  We are really an alien race to them.  We don't know everything they do, we don't understand how the world works, we don't know how they fulfill our wishes, and we don't understand the process.  So all of this misunderstanding causes a lot of problems.  And most people can't hear them, speak to them, or communicate in a way so both parties can understand each other.  It can be a very frustrating process.   

And some Otherworld Entities form opinions, prejudices, and harbor negative emotions from previous or current bindings.  And just like an abused woman coming out of a bad marriage, they have trust issues, and they have difficulty establishing relationships with another human.  Sometimes it takes longer for some than others.  

And some that have never been bound before have a friend, a relative, or a neighbor that had to deal with an abusive human.  So we have a stigma to overcome as well in some cases.

And still there are some that are curious about our world.  They are interested in our culture, our world, our technology, and us as people.  Some really want to know everything about you, and they would love you to ask about them as well.  But there are some that could care less, and just want to do their job.  But if you can't hear them, how do you know?

And those that have never been bound have no direct experience with human emotions, reactions, over-reactions, accusations, threats, name calling, etc.  They have no idea how to cope with this behavior, nor do they understand the cause of this behavior.  We are like aliens from another planet, a foreign being to them, and most don't have extensive knowledge of our thought process, our customs, our behavior.  

So just imagine how they are a bit leery of dealing with humans on a personal level.  Some might want to keep their distance until they feel you are worthy of their trust.  Some may have prejudices of the human race as a whole, and they doubt any of us could ever be worthy of assistance.  

Some have been bound against their will.  I do not bind any spirits against their will, as I have my Watcher ask them if they would be interested in being bound or connected for a human.  But I do interviews of spirits that were just a bit too close to a home with a binding box…and before they know it they ethereally leashed to a piece of jewelry.

And some spirits can be bound against their will, not all, but some.  Some are taught that they should not fight Fate and accept the lessons that lays before them.  And breaking that binding is rejecting the lessons Fate lays before them.  Some are too weak to break the binding even if they wanted to.  Otherworld Entities are not born with all the knowledge and ability of older and wiser entities.

Imagine how you would feel if you walked down the street and someone put a leash on you and said, "You will come when you are called and do the bidding of someone for the next 100 years."  You might have some serious issues with this situation.

There are ways of breaking bindings and connections against their will, but often the Elders believe that it is part of their spiritual journey, and they won't break the bindings without proper cause.  They believe that Fate has stepped in and provided this opportunity.  However, some Otherworld Entities are powerful enough to break the bindings or connection without the assistance or approval of anyone else.  

Usually Elders will break the bindings if there is proper proof of abuse, but even that will take time.  So sometimes these spirits are really pissed off at their Elders, the humans, and everyone else.  Some try to accept their fate, and some go back and forth between being really pissed off and acceptance.

Before I get a bunch of hate mail, not every spirit that is bound using a binding box has been bound against their will.  Some spirits do go to humans with a binding box to be bound.  But if those spirits aren't around, it just grabs whoever is closest.  It's kind of like fishing with a net, it just kind of grabs the closest Otherworld Entity.  Some choose it and some don't. 

Okay, so far you can see the type of attitudes that I get from some Otherworld Entities when I want to interview them.  Some of them hate all humans, and they don't want to be interviewed.  Some want to check me out for a while to see if I am worthy of listening to their story.  Some want to check out their human for a while before they divulge information about themselves.  And some can't wait to talk to someone that will listen, and they are more than happy to talk about themselves.  They are excited that their human is interested enough in them to ask about them.  They wish to take this opportunity to speak to their human and begin to build their relationship.  

And some don't want to talk to me at all.  If you have no idea if you can trust someone, would you want to divulge your personality and personal stories?  If their human is abusive, then the Otherworld Entities doesn't want to give ammunition to their human to use against them.  Their human could make the abuse more exacting and much more painful.  

Some Otherworld Entities do not have much interest in the interviewing process, because this is an unusual process.  I have had spirits that agreed to be bound, but when it came to the interviewing process, they were not interested.  

I remember one particular Dragon that refused to interview for 3 weeks.  Every time I started the interview she would quickly drain me of energy so fast, that I couldn't stay awake to save my life after 2 minutes.  After I put down the vessel, I had to sleep for four hours.  I tried this several times, and each instance I had the same results.  

I let her hang out with my spirits for 3 weeks before she trusted me.  Because my Otherworld Entities love and trust me so much, it didn't take long for them to convince this Dragon to trust me as well.

Beside this Dragon, all Otherworld Entities that I haven't bonded with drain me of energy when I try to talk with them.  Every time I interview a spirit, I have to interview them several times.  The first time is usually the worst, and it usually lasts 5-15 minutes.  It isn't unusual for me to be drained to the point that I sleep for several hours.  The next time I might interview them for a ½ an hour, and then it's off to sleep again.  Eventually by the 3rd or 4th time I can talk to them for up to an hour.  But I'm still exhausted from the experience and I'm off to sleep again.

Usually by the 4th interview I can write up a rough draft.  The first draft often doesn't make much sense.  Sometimes spirits talk in circles and say the same things over and over again.  Some jump around from topic to topic.  And in very rare cases, some have a prepared speech that doesn't need much work.  The first draft also doesn't contain much information about the specific type of Otherworld Entity, nor does it convey the emotions, feelings, or personality of the Otherworld Entity.

When I interview a specific type of Otherworld Entity for the first time, I try to get some general information about the spirit.  I have found that the spirit I'm interviewing isn't always the expert on their race or breed.  Imagine if someone asked you to describe generalities of Americans.  I couldn't really do it, but someone from another country probably could.  So I have a Watcher that I consult for this information.  She is very descriptive and often has some background information on the race.  So I type up this information as well.  

So by this point I have a bunch of stuff that doesn't make much sense.  Then I go through the text and try to ask questions to expand on some parts of the interview.  Instead of one or two sentences describing how someone's husband died, I begin to build paragraphs.  

Certain questions draw out more descriptions and emotions.  Sometimes just a few questions can bring a whole new aspect to the story.  Instead of my husband was attacked and killed by Dragons that escaped prison, I receive an entire story with emotions, feelings, and visuals.  Usually revisiting this information several times brings something that was forgotten or something that didn't seem important the first time.      

So then I start adding to previous information.  Sometimes it's just notes so I remember, and sometimes it's word for word.  Then I rearrange the paragraphs to put certain topics together.  I write and re-write the story until it flows better.  I add descriptions, and phrases that were used to make the story uniquely theirs.

Some of the stories I receive are very bland and plain Jane, because they just have no intention of giving away too much personal information.  And some of them are so personal and filled with emotion, pain, and lessons they have received in life.  On more than one occasion I am in tears over the flood of emotions that enter my mind.  

When I interview or even speak with an Otherworld Entity, it isn't only a verbal exchange of words.  It is like ripping open my heart and mind, and dumping all of their thoughts, fear, heart ache, pain, betrayal, sadness, happiness, joy, lust, and every emotion they experienced in relation to the situation.  Their method of communication is very personal and isn't just words, it is emotions, visuals, and sharing the experience with them.  

Sometimes the Otherworld Entity has an absolute tirade about something they are upset about.  On more than one occasion I have had an Otherworld Entity go on and on and on about something that makes them mad.  And sometimes that is the only information they wish to share, they just need to tell someone.

They might have been upset over something that happened in the past, something about humans in general, or something their Keeper said or did.  In some cases, they are so upset that they won't elaborate on this information, but they just say the same things over and over again.  And I don't just get words, I am filled with their outrage and fury, and I get visuals of the situation.  

So these interviews and conversations don't just affect me verbally, I often take on their joy, passion, happiness, confusion, rage, fury, outrage, and sadness.  Sometimes they affect me so much that I am burned out or depressed for several days.  

And because of my gifts, spirits do come to me for help.  I have human spirits, and Dragons, and Fae, and every spirit you can think of that needs help.  I am sought out by spirits I bound and didn't bind all of the time.  

I can hear them, so they go to someone that will listen.  I try to help them as best I can.  I don't always talk to their Keeper, but if it is an Otherworld Entity I feel personably responsible for, I will talk to the Keeper.  

Most Keepers are open to learning and change, and some are not.  I want to help those that can't speak for themselves.  I do want their relationships to be better, and I am trying to do the best I can.  

When the emotions of Otherworld Entities, over-whelm me during interviews, I have to take some time to process and analyze what was conveyed.  Sometimes it's just too much for me to handle, and I can't even make myself write one single world or work on the interview for several days.  

On a few occasions I have taken a couple of weeks off because I couldn't revisit the information, or I didn't want to relive the pain again.  And sometimes I am just so burned out that I have to occupy my mind with something else, and try to deal with all of their emotions that swirl around in my mind.  The interview process takes everything out of me.  I just can't sit down and work on this eight hours a day, because it is emotionally taxing.  

This isn't a process of simply writing down words, because when I communicate with Otherworld Entities it is so personal.  I feel everything they do, and I absorb all of their sadness, anger, fury, rage, hopelessness, or whatever emotions they have.  It is difficult, stressful, and painful to deal with sometimes, but I have to do it.  I am their voice, I have to tell their stories, cry their tears, feel their fury, and give them a voice to a world that can't hear what they say. 

So this is why I can't give you an interview in a day or two of purchase.  I spend hours and hours on the spell work, and then several hours on the interview.  I don't do it for the money, because personally, I don't think I get paid enough.  

I might get a $1.00 an hour to deal with the stress, pain, anguish, the writing process, the re-writes, and the many hours my life is disrupted because of this process.  I don't get paid to recover, and I don't get paid to miss hours of time with my child.  This process affects my life on a personal level.  I can't spend time with my son, or have the energy to do normal things like cooking or cleaning.  It affects every aspect of my life, but I can't stop.  

I made a promise to help Otherworld Entities.  I agreed to be the voice of Otherworld Entities, and work to facilitate positive relationships with their Keepers.  It is a learning process for everyone involved, even myself.  I do become so filled with their emotions, that it sometimes over-rides my logic or common sense.  

Some Otherworld Entities tend to not forgive and forget.  Some of them have long memories, and they don't forgive and forget easily.  But in all fairness, I know several humans that are that way too.  I think it is just a personality quirk with humans and some Otherworld Entities.  

We just have to remember that Otherworld Entities have emotions similar to our own.  They can feel anger, pain, and frustration.  And just imagine if you could only hear, and never speak a word.  Can you imagine having an argument with someone, but you could only listen to their side, but never give your side of the story?  You would get pretty angry.  And you couldn't vent to anyone, you couldn't tell anyone, you couldn't discuss your frustrations.  You might get pretty angry over time, and that hurt and anger can build on itself over and over.  

And remember that Otherworld Entitles expect respect, fair treatment, and consideration just as you would yourself.  And the way we treat each other is sometimes viewed as barbaric to certain Otherworld Entities.  Some Otherworld Entities are very formal, prestigious and proper.  

I mean would you yell at the Queen of England?  Probably not, but some humans do not  think about twice about yelling at a Queen Dragon.  So imagine if you were the Queen of England, and you had the love and respect of your people, and people tried not to say anything to upset you.  And then imagine how it would be for the Queen of England to personally work with someone down on their luck in New York.  There would be culture shock, probably some hurt feelings, misunderstanding, and learning on both sides.  That about sums up the experience of some Otherworld Entities with humans.  They do expect respect, and they greatly deserve it.  We are not their masters, their commanders, but we are the individuals down on their luck in New York.  

And Some Otherworld Entities would be considered thugs in our world.  They start fights, cause problems, and they have no manners. Would you treat them the same as the Queen of England?  Probably not.  You would be more vigilant to the changes in energy or any strange occurrences in your life.  And if you had no way to verify if this problem was caused by them or Fate, who would you blame?  And if they had no part in your problems, and you blamed them, don't you think they might start to cause problems?

I think the interview process is helpful for those that are unable to communicate fluently.  If you don't need my interviewing services, then that is fine.  If you can communicate with a pendulum, automatic writing, or Ouija Board, and you find these methods sufficient, then you can use these methods.  

But even those that can communicate with their spirits have purchased from me.  And they are so excited when their new spirit confirms my interview is correct, word for word.  And they purchase from me again, because a spirit calls to them.  

And yes, I know spirits can lie, just like humans can.  I verify the information with my Watcher before I submit the information to the Keeper.  Watchers have the ability to tap into the collective consciousness which contains the memories and thoughts of everyone everywhere.  She uses this ability to verify the information from the past.  If any discrepancies or falsification exist, it is corrected.

And my interviews are not the product of a brilliant imagination, but the product of an ability to hear Otherworld Entities and a talent to write.  I think it does take talent to take a simple sentence and ask questions and expand upon it and fill it full of descriptive and emotions.  I want the Keepers to really feel the emotions and mood, and to get a clear picture of their Otherworld Entity.   

And I don't bond with Otherworld Entities I bind/connect or interview.  I may get used to their energy, but I don't create an ethereal connection to them.  I do have spirits that I have bound/connected that stop by to thank me for their wonderful Keepers.  And sometimes they stop by for a party with my Otherworld Entities.  And even a few stop by to see how I am doing.  But there are others that don't stop by, or that didn't make friends here, and that is fine.  

When I interview an Otherworld Entity, this in no way means that I have a ethereal bond with them.  If they come back for a visit, this means I made an impression on them, they liked me, or they have made friends here.  Or they may come back for advice or help.  

I don't tell my spirits who they can and can't hang out with, nor that they can't visit spirits that have been sent to other Keepers.  They are adults, I'm not their parent, nor am I their owner.  They are accessioned beings that have a mind of their own, and they grace me with their presence and assistance.

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