Monday, April 5, 2010

Would You be a Good Spirit Keeper?

Over time, I have known several different individuals and different types of Spirit Keepers.  I believe there are certain qualities that make good Spirit Keepers, and some that shouldn't even bother.  You waste the Spell Caster's time, the Otherworld Entities time, and your own time.  

1.  Your Motives.  Why do you want to be a Spirit Keeper?  Do you want a companion, a friend, a spirit guide, or a spiritual leader?  Do you want to work toward a goal?  Are you ready to grow as a person and learn important lessons?  If you can answer yes to these questions, your attitude is ideal for a Spirit Keeper.  If you plan to make this a mutually positive relationship, then you are an ideal Spirit Keeper. 

If your interests lie in only what you can get out of this relationship, and you just want to use this entity to get something and then toss them aside, then just move along.  

If you plan to let Otherworld Entities carry the load to your goal, you are sadly mistaken.  They will not live your life for you, and you must participate to achieve your goals.  You have to work for your goals, and nothing will just land in your lap.  You may reach your goals quicker with Otherworld Entities, but they will not do all the work for you.

These entities do not exist to bring you short term goals.  They are not indentured slaves bound for your pleasure.  You do not snap your fingers and they cower in the corner.  

We are the lesser beings, we are not in control, they are bound to raise our consciousness, to be a spiritual guide, and help us grow and learn.  If it weren't for the Laws of Balance, the human race would have been a smear of ash upon the face of this planet long ago.  

If you think you are in control of this relationship, you are sadly mistaken.  This can be a mutually positive relationship, in which both Otherworld Entities and their Keepers set the mood and the terms of the relationship.  

 2.  Your True Spirit.  Are you falsifying statements, or saying what you think the spell caster wants to hear?  Did you lie about your motives in order to find an Otherworld Entity to help you in a way that you had not originally intended? Do you have negative emotions and ulterior motives in your heart?  

You may be able to hide your true motives to humans, but Otherworld Entities can hear your thoughts, they can hear your conversations, and they can sense your true nature.  You can't hide the real you.  They can see your true form. 

A light Otherworld Entity will not grant wishes that will harm you in the end.  If they care about you, they will consider your wishes, but won't work toward something that will harm.  They are your spiritual steward, and they will not allow negative consequences for their Keeper.

Otherworld Entities know you, they can know you more than you know yourself.  If you think you are going to pull a fast one on the Otherworld Entity, you are wrong.  They can see through any rouse.

You can't promise to be a good person after they make you a millionaire, or promise to be a good person when they deliver the goods.  Humans that use and abuse Otherworld Entities have existed for centuries and Otherworld Entities can see you coming a mile away.  They know it is best to ignore you until you loose interest.   

3.  Ability To Listen.  Can you listen?  Not just hear, but listen?  If your spell caster tells you an Otherworld Entity can't give your lottery numbers, and the Otherworld Entity tells you they can't give you lottery numbers, and when you get your entity and demand numbers….you are not on the right path for Otherworld Entities.  

I will not lie to my customers and tell them that they will become millionaires.  I will never tell you that an Otherworld Entity can provide lottery numbers, because this future information isn't set in time.  

Not everything is set in time, and no matter how much of a fit you throw…that will not change the way the world works.  It isn't that I don't want you to be a millionaire…I'm just telling you they can't give you lottery numbers.  That isn't set in time.  I'm not a millionaire, and I play the lottery.  I may win more often, but it isn't anything worth publicizing.  

4.  Not Controlled By An Obsession.  If you want an Otherworld Entity to kill someone, or to cause someone harm, or you want to steal someone's husband.  Walk away, and get some help.  

Most Otherworld Entities that I deal with will not cause any permanent harm to anyone.  They will not manipulate and control someone so you can get what you want.  This will cause you a great amount of Karmic Debt and harm.  They know the way the world works, and if they care about you, they will not grant these wishes.

This isn't the way the world works, and Otherworld Entities don't exist to give you every base desire that fills your heart and mind.

You are not ready for a spiritual journey if you are filled with base desires.  You can't rise to a higher consciousness and a higher spiritual path if you are weighted down by revenge, murder, or control.

If you continue on this path, you may get what you desire, and you will either have such horrible Karma that you will wish you could die.  Or you get that lover that you so desired, and they will control you, and they will be a nightmare you can't get rid of.  

The Universe has a way of teaching people, and sometimes the lessons are harsh and cruel.    

I prefer to skip over the Karmic bitch-slap, and try to move onto a more positive life.  If you wish to leave these base desires behind and find the true love you were meant to find, then Otherworld Entities are for you.  If you wish to learn to forgive, and allow the world to correct those that have crossed you, then Otherworld Entities are for you.

5.  Patience and Persistence.  If you have patience and persistence, you would be an excellent Otherworld Entity Keeper.  If you have the patience to build a relationship with an Otherworld Entity, and don't demand proof on a daily basis, then you are an excellent Otherworld Entity Keeper.

Otherworld Entities don't exist in our world of instant gratification.  If you can't have patience to grow a friendship with your Otherworld Entity, then you need to look else where.  

Humans have used and abused Otherworld Entities when they lived with the human race, and this abuse has continued when they moved to the Otherworld.  Most Otherworld Entities have direct knowledge of abuse, harassment, threatening, harm, or danger that humans put them or their relatives in.  Otherworld Entities aren't quick to forget, and if the harm was bad enough, they may hold a grudge for thousands of years.  Some never forget, and they hate and despise humans.  

Sometimes this type of behavior continues in relationships with bound Otherworld Entities.  Because of the vast amount of abuse, Otherworld Entities don't give their trust and friendship lightly.  They will not trust you overnight, knock on your door and sit down for tea while you discuss the terms of your friendship.  

A friendship with an Otherworld Entity could take as little as six months to build, or as much as ten years.  It depends on the entity, the human, and their individual commitment and personalities.

If you are so clueless that you believe all Otherworld Entities will become your best friend and dearest confidant in two weeks, and that you will see them with your eyes, sit down to tea, and giggle about boys.  Get a clue.  You don't live in reality, and you need to find other fantasies to occupy your time.  Don't waste my time, and don't waste the time of an Otherworld Entity.

6.  Realistic Expectations of Manifestations.  If you believe that an Otherworld Entity will appear to you immediately; if you will get upset if you don't see proof of their existence on a daily basis; if you believe that two weeks is long enough to remove psychic blocks; if you no patience what-so-ever for anything or anyone.  Run away from me and Otherworld Entities as fast as you can…and never look back.  You are not ready for real change, and you are not ready for a real spiritual journey.

If you believe you will rub the ring of a bound Djinn, and have smoke pour out it and a genie will appear before you.  You are not ready for this journey.  You do not live in reality, and you will not have the patience to grow a friendship with an Otherworld Entity.

Some spirits will give some type of proof of their existence, and some will not.  Some will give you proof once every few months or every few years, but don't expect it everyday.  They are not trained monkeys prepared to provide endless entertainment for you.  If you expect a manifestation to occur everyday, or immediately, then you aren't ready for this journey.

Even though I have 50 bound entities, and several unbound entities that visit me everyday.  They don't perform physical proof of their existence on a daily basis.  Guess what?  They are not trained monkeys here for my amusement.  If I want to be instantly amused, I'll visit youtube and watch a video.  

7.  Realistic Expectations of Wishes.  If you believe your complicated wish should come true in a couple of weeks, please go live in some fantasy RPG world online.  You are not ready for the real world with real complications and real results.

A simple wish like, help me find a parking space can come true immediately.  But if your wish is to become the next Robert Pattinson, and you look like Pee Wee Herman…and you expect this wish to be granted in two weeks…please don't waste my time.  

Change is a process and a journey in life.  No one's journey is exactly the same, and not everyone has the same complications to overcome.  

Wishes aren't as simple as we think, and often it will take many years of work for you and your Otherworld Entity to accomplish large goals.  

8.  Realistic Expectations of Yourself.  If you believe that you will instantly be able to communicate, see, hear, smell, touch, and interact with Otherworld Entities the minute you touch their vessel; then you are not ready for Otherworld Entities.  If you believe you will gain these abilities in a few weeks, or a few days.  I think you will be disappointed, and this journey isn't for you.

If you were not advanced with your psychic abilities before you had Otherworld Entities, you will not become advanced in a few days.  This is a spiritual journey, not a quick fix to psychic improvements.   

If you could see, hear, and speak with human spirits before Otherworld Entities, this doesn't guarantee the same results with Otherworld Entities.  But I think it is possible to learn to communicate with them in time.  It may take time, but it isn't  impossible.  

Removing psychic blocks, building up your abilities, and expanding your consciousness isn't an overnight process.  There are some people that will work toward this their entire lives, and that doesn't mean they will see and hear Otherworld Entities like me.  It doesn't mean that your Otherworld Entity isn't there, isn't trying to help you, there could be a million reasons why I can do something you can't.

Maybe it's my talent, maybe it's my calling in this world.  Maybe my entire life was set up just to get me to this point.  Maybe every spirit encounter, every Demon attack, every spiritual milestone I met and encountered was designed to bring me to this very point in time.  Maybe I was predestined to assist people in their spiritual journey.

Does this mean your journey will be exactly like mine?  No, it doesn't.  Because it's my journey, it is my learning experiences and my life that made me who I am.

Maybe all of those times that I stayed home and studied, meditated, practiced, and worked on my abilities for the past 26 years made me who I am.  Maybe the friends I have made along the way have helped make me who I am.  Maybe the Otherworld Entities that came to me, and suggested that I work for them, helped make me who I am.  Maybe the customers that make me angry help make me who I am.  Maybe the customers that I dearly love make me who I am.  

I can't guarantee that your journey will be exactly like mine.  But I can guarantee that your life will never be the same when you allow Otherworld Entities into you heart and your home.

If you give them the time, patience, and reverence they deserve, they can be a powerful ally in your life.  Your goals come about quicker, your life seems a bit easier and much more magickal.  

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