Monday, April 5, 2010

Haggling Over Otherworld Entities

There is an old saying in magickal lore that states one should not haggle over magickal supplies. It is believed that it will tarnish the magickal potential with negativity and diminish its power.

I do believe this is true in some, but not all cases. If the discount is given willingly without false pretenses, then I don't believe there is any harm. But when someone manipulates, lies, or argues until they receive the discount, then damage can occur.

When someone haggles to the extreme, they cheat the seller out of a profit. Sometimes the small profit that a seller would have garnered doesn't cover their time, money, and efforts in their products. When someone haggles, they may cause negative emotions from the seller which may tarnish the energy. And this process may also cause negative karma for the buyer if the purchase was unfair.

I believe that if the buyer spins a tale of lies in order to garner a reduced price, this causes negative karma, negative emotions, and it can cause problems for all concerned. The seller is cheated out of a profit, and the buyer has tarnished their karma. Their magickal item may be less effective, and when dealing with Otherworld Entities, you may have one angry spirit.

Otherworld Entities can hear your conscious and subconscious thoughts, words, conversations, and some can even find out your statements in the past. So if you think you pulled a fast one over the seller, and compliment yourself on getting a great deal, you may have caused immense damage to yourself and your relationship with your new spirit.

Spirits that pride themselves on their ethics, also expect and demand high ethical standards of their Keepers. If you have a positive Otherworld Entity that you purchased through lies and deception, it would greatly sadden them. Not only does it start your relationship out negatively, it may tarnish their view of you personally. First impressions are important, with people as well as Otherworld Entities.

It would also leave them feeling guilty, because they didn't investigate you further, and had trusted and believed your story. They allowed the seller to be duped, as well as themselves.

Becoming a bound entity isn't a small and lightly considered engagement. Being bound is taken very seriously, and it takes a huge amount of time, energy and years of commitment.

Not only must Otherworld Entities conduct their duties, but they must also assist you with your wishes and fostering your spiritual growth. Considering that most bindings are valid for 100 years, or less in some cases, this is a huge amount of commitment. I think if I entered a contractual agreement based on false pretenses for 100 years, I would be very upset.

So if you would like to have a positive, good, and honest relationship with your Otherworld Entity, make sure you start it out right in the beginning. Don't lie and twist a tale of woe to a seller to get a discount. Lies are like festering sores that spread and infect everything they touch. It will tarnish your karma, your magickal item, and your relationship with your Otherworld Entity.

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