Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cell Phone Hijacking and Hijinks

Yesterday was a fun day for the Fae indeed! While watching one of my favorite shows, I was texting a friend on my cell phone. I placed the phone right next to me, and continued to watch the show. About 10 minutes later I wanted to see if the friend texted back. My cell phone was gone.

I looked everywhere! I checked under the couch, under the couch cushions, my coat pockets and everywhere! I couldn't find it anywhere. I was pretty upset that I lost my phone. And I can't figure out how it vanished into thin air...oh wait...I do. This kind of thing happens every few months in fact. And usually it is the Fae playing games.

Because I was so focused on looking for my phone, I wasn't watching the time. I am supposed to pick up my son at 3:00, and it was 3:05. I decide to forget about the phone, and worry about getting my son; so I get in the car and go to his school. I was late, and a little worried. 
I drove around the school and I couldn't find him.  And I couldn't call him, because I don't have my cell phone.  So I drove around the area for several minutes, and I found him in front of a convience store.  It is only 30 degrees outside, but he's wearing shorts and a sweatshirt.  No coat, no gloves, and no jeans.  It is the "in" thing to not wear a winter coat, and he never put his jeans back on after gym class.  He's on his cell phone trying to figure out where I am.  

I tell my son that I lost my phone, and I had no idea where it was. I told him that I suspected the Fae borrowed it.  I was in a foul mood, I didn't get everything done today, and I lost my cell phone. My son and I had planned to see the Lightning Thief on Sunday, but I had to work. So I decided Monday would be the perfect day to see the movie.  I thought it would be a great way to lift my spirits, and my son's. 

The movie, The Lightning Thief, was awesome, and although it wasn't exactly like the book, it was great. The special effects are awesome, the story line, the acting, and everything was great. Not Avatar fabulous, but great.

In the middle of the movie, I feel something, or I guess I should say someone standing on my head. It actually felt like someone was digging their feet into my hair, and under my bun. I smiled, and continued to watch the movie.

When the movie was done, my son and I leave. I put my hand in my coat pocket to retrieve my keys, and I pull out my phone. It wasn't in my coat pocket when I left the house, nor when I went into the theater.

I open the phone and it says that I had 2 missed calls. I hold the phone in front of my son, and he says, I called you more than twice! We look at the call history and it says he called 17 times. So the Fae had to open the phone after the 15th call in order for it to say 2 missed calls.

Sometimes things go missing for a while...I'm just glad it was only a few hours this time! Life is always fun and magickal one way or another with Fae and Otherworld Entities!

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