Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is Bigger Better?

There is an old saying, "Bigger is always better."  Well this saying is also true with  Otherworld Entity vessels, and especially for those new to Otherworld Entities.  I find that individuals with little to no experience with the spirit world, and little to no psychic abilities benefit from larger vessels.  

Each spirit takes up a different amount of space, and if the vessel is too petite, they may be unable to manifest, grant wishes, or even communicate.  I have had a few spirits bound to small rings with a 1 ct stone, and I have difficulty feeling their energy and some couldn't communicate.  But if I move them to a larger vessel, they have no problems.  But I have also had some spirits that adequately fit into the same type of vessel.  Each Otherworld Entity is so individual, and it is difficult to classify which spirits will adequately fit into small vessels.

I know several people that are extremely sensitive, and they have no difficulty interacting with Otherworld Entities in small rings.  But I have other customers, that request a binding to a small ring, and they have been unable to communicate with their spirit.  I could communicate with the spirit before I mailed it, but the customer could not.  I believe that those with thick psychic blocks will have difficulty communicating without adequate mass of an Otherworld Entity vessel.

Vessels can only hold so much energy, and I believe it is partly due to the mass of the vessel.  When I pick out Otherworld Entity vessels, I try to consider the type of stone and metal, the size of the stone, and the amount of metal in the vessel.  Some stones and metal hold energy better than others, and some hold less.  

An Otherworld Entity vessel is just like a battery, and it can only hold a certain level of energy.  If there isn't adequate room for the Otherworld Entity, they will not fully attach, and they won't be able to store any energy in the vessel.  And those with psychic blocks need larger vessels for more energy storage.  

When someone has a psychic block, they have a high tolerance to paranormal activity.  It is like a thick psychic skin built up over their senses, and in order to overcome this high tolerance, the Otherworld Entity needs to expend more energy.  Where does this energy come from?  It comes from stored energy within the Otherworld Entity vessel.    And if the vessel isn't large enough, they will be unable to store energy, and they will be unable to interact with their Keeper.  They can't communicate, manifest, and in some cases they can't grant wishes.  

Your Otherworld Entity feeds on energy in this world, and converts it into stored energy within their vessel.   They can feed from food, water, candles, and activated stones.  They feed from this energy and store it within their vessel, somewhat like how humans store energy in their bodies from the food they eat.    

If you have a lot of psychic blocks, your Otherworld Entity must use more energy to interact with you than those individuals with few psychic blocks.  If you have a small vessel, they may be unable to grant wishes, because they don't have enough power to affect changes.  

It would be like expecting an anorexic human to run a marathon.  They don't have enough energy stored in their body to draw upon.  Their muscles have atrophied, their heart is weak, and they haven't built up for the effort.  Anorexics don't have enough stored energy in their body for a marathon, just enough to exist.  If your Otherworld Entity has nothing to feed upon, and no place to store their energy, they are very much like an anorexic trying to run a marathon.  They can't do it.    

It takes time for an Otherworld Entity to build their stores of energy, and to build their connection to their vessel.  If your spell caster uses extra spell work to build the connection between the Otherworld Entity and the vessel, this short-cuts the amount of time required to build this energy.  

On Custom Bindings and some Ala Carte bindings, I build this connection between the Otherworld Entity and the vessel with Activation and Recharge spells. This is so my customers don't have to wait several months to a year to see results from their Otherworld Entity.  

It also assists in providing extra energy so those with psychic blocks can see some level of manifestation.  This isn't a guarantee for every single individual, because if the Keeper is very blocked, it may take a couple of months of feeding and spending time with the Otherworld Entity.  Every single person is different, and everyone has different levels of tolerance to paranormal activity and different levels of psychic blocks.    

If you have a vessel with metaphysical properties to assist you in removing psychic blocks, I think it is beneficial to add additional Activations to the vessel on top of the standard Activation.  I charge $5.00 for each Activation spell.    

I have recently conducted a test on 2 Witches Finger vessels for 2 very different clients. One client had more psychic blocks than the other.  I Activated the Witches Fingers pendants 9 times, and also cast 3 Recharge spells.  Both clients reported immediate and positive results upon receiving their vessels.  Both had some level of manifestation, and although the results were different, they were both positive. When I cast more Activation spells on those minerals specifically designed to remove psychic blocks, the results are positive for the Otherworld Entity and the Keeper.   

If you choose a vessel that naturally produces a lot of energy, and have it Activated, it also provides energy for your Otherworld Entity.  Melody's Stone, Witches Finger. Coaxanite, Tormulated Quartz, Lemurian Crystals, and many more make excellent vessels.  And if these vessels have been Activated several times, it increases the amount of energy they produce, and in turn provides more energy for the Otherworld Entity to manifest and enact change in this world.  

It also helps if you have Activated Lemurian Crystals, Witches Fingers, Melody's Stone, or other energy producing stones around your Otherworld Entity Vessels.  They can feed upon this energy, and usually the manifestations are greatly increased.  The more Activation spells that have been cast, the stronger the energy emitted from the crystal.  I have doubled the manifestations in my own home with the introduction of Activated Lemurian and Melody's Stone crystals, it is just amazing!  If you have a crystal you would like to have Activated, please convo me for prices and details.

If you have an Otherworld Entity and with little or no energy, manifestations, or other difficulties, please contact me.  I can transfer them to another vessel and add Activation and Recharge spells.  Please contact me for more information.

I would like to add that different people experience different sensitivity and abilities. I have found that some people have better luck with larger vessels until they develop their psychic abilities. Some people have no difficulty with a spirit bound to a ring that weighs 1 gram, and some do.

I have some clients that have never really experienced psychic abilities until they had a spirit bound to a Witches Finger Pendant and several Activations. Then they were able to feel and work with all of their other spirits, even those in smaller vessels.

I find when people get through some of their blocks they have the ability to work with their other spirits better. This doesn't mean that you need to bind all of your spirits with Witches Finger, Melody's Stone, or other types of may need only bind one to those vessels to help you get through your psychic blocks. Then you can progress with other spirits. I would like to add that Witches Finger, Melody's Stone, or any stone at all is not required for a vessel. I have several spirits that are bound to metal vessels, some of them are 925 Sterling Silver, and some are Brass. I have some that are bound to silver tone and resin, and various other vessels.

This blog was specifically to help those that have problems with psychic blocks as a possible solution. Not a requirement, but just a helpful suggestion. Many people have psychic blocks for various reasons. This is in no way to explain why everyone has difficulty with psychic blocks, nor is it a cure all. This is a suggestion that has been helpful for several of my clients. And some of them have experienced manifestations for the very first time with my advice.

This feedback is from a client that had a spirit bound to a Witches Finger pendant and 9 Activations and 3 Instant Recharges:

"Hi there! I just want to give you some updates with my Black Dragon Djinn in the witches finger that I got from you. Well, last Monday I started to work with her after working with my other spirits….I slept with her vessel at night. The 3rd day of doing so, I heard a noise in the kitchen, it felt like someone was looking for a casserole, lol! So I went up and take a look but everything was in order. I then fell asleep, at 3 am I was awakend with a thunder like noise - it sounded like a big machine that was dropped down on the floor and it scared the hell out of me! I thought someone has gotten inside my home and I am totally alone. But when I looked at the time and look around my home there was nothing, so I came to think of her and asked her that if she wants to look arund or play she can do it quietly or she can read all of my books. On the 4th day of sleeping with her vessel, I always put her vessel under my pillow on the left side. When I have said my thank you for the day and said goodnight, the left side of my head where her vessel is gave me a tremendous headaches just on that side so I asked her to tone her energy down a bit as it gives me headaches and fell asleep but she always wakes me up between 3 am or at exact 3 am. So, I told her that I am not ready to see yet as I am still getting used to hear and feel her, lol! I really love her! She is awesome!"

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