Saturday, January 30, 2010

Demons, Spirits, and Childhood

Some of my earliest memories of my childhood includes paranormal activity, spirits, and Demons. My parents didn't cast spells, didn't dabble in Black Magick, and they didn't touch a Ouija Board. But it seemed that wherever we lived there was a torrent of negative spirits in my life. My parents didn't see and hear the spirits, they debunked any activity they experienced, and they didn't want to hear my stories as they believed I made them up. So I was totally and completely alone to live a tortured life that usually began every time I was alone and especially at night.

I feared going in the basement of the second home we lived in. Doors would lock, strange noises would come from the walls, or if you had the misfortune of falling asleep nightmares that would terrify you for days. I found if I wasn't alone, the activity rarely happened, and especially if I was with an adult. And the one time my best friend spent the night, the spirits left me alone, and made her scream so loud that she woke my parents up on the first floor, but I slept peacefully five feet away from her.

The worse activity always happened in my room at night. I had statues move their heads, blink their eyes, toys that moved around the room by themselves, doors that opened and closed, and shadowed figures that stood around. Sometimes they would touch me when I slept. Cold fingers would poke and prod me, or brush against my face. I often slept with the covers covering me, and crying myself to sleep. Sometimes if a statue or a toy became particularly animated, I would break it the next day.

By the time I was 8, I believe I started astral traveling. I would see the spirits all around, and their poking, prodding, snickers, would cause me to chance the safety of the covers to seek my parents help. I would scream at them as loud as I could. I would beg and plead for them to wake up because I was so afraid. But they never stirred and they never heard me. Eventually I went back to bed and cried myself to sleep.

Sometimes the spirits would get me into trouble for fun. My mother would allow me to eat breakfast in my room at a little table and chair in front of the TV. I wanted to get on the bed with my dog, and I placed a glass of grape juice on top of the TV. I sat watching television, and the glass tipped over by itself and juice ran into the inside of the TV. The TV started smoking and a foul odor filled my room. My mother was furious, and she asked what happened. I had to tell her that I didn't know, because I wasn't allowed to talk about spirits. The television was ruined, and I was never allowed to have a TV in my room again.

We moved to a bigger house when I was 9. I had convinced myself that the spirits wouldn't follow me to the new house, that they just haunted the previous one. I was wrong. The same type if incidents happened in the new house, just as it did in the old.

However, I encountered some new spirits that I didn't have in the other houses. I had two Demons that showed up in my home, and they were much more menacing and problematic than the other spirits. I didn't know they were Demons for quite some time, but I began to hear single words and phrases in my mind. I could smell them sometimes too. I could smell dank, musty smells, and wet clay. And I even saw pictures in my mind of what they wanted me to do. I knew a friend that had a Ouija board, and we had used it to contact spirits. I wanted to use it to talk to the spirits in my home, but I didn't have one. The Demon told me I didn't need it. He wanted me to use a pen and paper instead of a board and plachette. So I tried it, and I was amazed that the pen glided across the paper and formed words.

I started talking to these two Demons for many years. Sometimes they were helpful, but most of the time they were terrible. They would tell me things that would get me upset or scared. Sometimes they would make things happen like move things around, or they would poke and prod me at night. Sometimes they would torment my dogs and cats, and a few mysterious deaths of pets were the result of their fun.

But sometimes they were great entertainment for me and my friends. My friends didn't believe that I could talk to Demons and spirits, so in order to prove my abilities, I had one Demon provide a phone number, a name, and something about that person. We called the number, and talked to the individual, and verified this identifying characteristic. It was a person I didn't know, and they were real. I was never questioned again, but I always got the feeling that my friends thought I was kind of a freak.

It was about this time that I met my Mentor, and she told me that communicating with spirits with the pen and paper was called automatic writing. And she also told me that I needed to quit talking with these Demons. I told her that sometimes they were helpful, but sometimes they were mean. They were my most reliant friends, but when they were bored they would poke and prod me. In order to keep them at bay, she taught me how to form a protective bubble around myself. That made the Demons really mad, and I got a chuckle out of seeing an arm appear above me and slamming down on the protective bubble. But they could not touch me, and I slept peacefully for the first time in years.

One day the Demons really scared the hell out of me. I was about 15 years old, and my family was sitting in the living room watching television right on the other side of my bedroom wall. I was reading a book on my bed, and I started feeling my bed moving. Annoyed, I just said, knock it off.

Then it became really loud as all of the furniture in my room began moving around. Every single piece of furniture moved without problem over carpeted floors, drawers popped open, and some of the contents fell out. Figurines, make-up, and perfume fell to the floor, and pictures fell from the walls. I got off the bed, and I could feel the entire floor shaking, and I couldn't even walk straight as I tried to get to the door. I had never been in an earthquake, but I imagine that is what it felt like.

I opened my bedroom door, and quickly shut it behind me. It was like I walked into another world. My family was relaxed and watching TV, and they looked at me really strange, and asked me what was wrong. They had no clue. Not one thing was out of place, and the floor outside of my door didn't shake or move. After a couple of hours I had enough courage to go back into my room. While everything was still disheveled, it appeared that the Demons had stopped their tricks after I left the room.

It was then that I decided to follow my Mentor's advice, and get them out of my life. It took a lot of brainstorming and collaboration before we came up with a plan. I thought if I extended my aura outside of the house I could get them out. My Mentor and I then came up with the searing white light and the blue bubble around the house. That seemed to work for a little while, but eventually they would come back.

Then after a few weeks, I asked about the doorways that I could see open in my room. What if I could open one to somewhere else and shove them through? She thought it was worth a try. It took a while to figure it out, to make it work, and to actually get them pushed through the doorways. But they continued to come back. I tried closing the other doorways in my room, and while most of them closed, no matter what I tried, I couldn't get them all to close. I tried burning sage, salt water, and every other method I could think of. My Mentor attempted to get them closed remotely, and the stubborn ones stayed open.

Then I tried to direct the destination of the doorway, and get the Demons so far away that they wouldn't be able to come back. After several days of trying this, I didn't see them for two weeks. But when they came back, they brought a reinforcement. This new Demon was so much more powerful than the other two, much more than I had ever experienced before.

I could hear his voice booming through the house as he called my name. Every time his voice called out everything seemed to shake. I tried keeping him away from me with a protection of my aura, but his cold, clammy fingers pushed through. And after a few seconds my protection failed. I could feel my skin crawl and his hot, ragged breath touched the back of my neck. I tried opening a doorway and shoving him through, but he didn't even move. I felt so powerless.

I ran to the open bar in the living room, and as he yelled my name, the glassware clinked together and the floor shook. I called my Mentor on the phone, and she didn't have to hear much before she told me to run. She would take care of this one, because there was no way I could handle him. I ran to her house and stayed there for several hours as she worked on the problem remotely. When she was done, I never saw nor heard from any of the Demons again.

But the removal of the Demons didn't stop my journey with the spirit world. I had many encounters after that day. And even once when I was 16, during a Debate class in the band room at school, I saw the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. When I saw it, I had to question my sanity, because I didn't know they could be real. The creature was a lone Wyvern Dragon flying in circles nearly 20 feet from the ground. It had shrunk down to one foot long, and its elongated graceful body flew around for nearly five minutes before it disappeared. I didn't know then that several years later, I would begin my spiritual path again with Otherworld Entities.

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