Friday, January 29, 2010

Soul Eaters

It amazes me how many different spirits exist in this world, and not all of them are completely human. And many of them come out when we are asleep, when it is dark and quiet, or when people leave buildings. Sometimes I see them, sense them, or hear them. I see them in the building I work in, or even hear them growl at me when I approach the garbage receptacle late at night.

Some of them are very harmless and some are not, but most of them feed from the energy we leave behind on everything we touch. Every single thing we touch leaves a bit of energy behind, and this energy is a tasty morsel for those that are flesh challenged. But most of these spirits don't want any trouble, they only want to feed in peace.

But there are energy eaters that are more aggressive, because their ideal energy is deep within the confines of our bodies. They can survive on the ambient energy, but they don't care for it like they desire the vibrant and strong energy of the soul. These creatures are what my Otherworld Entities call Soul Eaters.

I have had the displeasure of seeing and living with a small group of Soul Eaters. I moved in with a friend, even though I knew there were several entities residing in the home. The first time I toured the home I could feel and see the doorways open all over the house.

These doorways are portals to other dimensions or realms, and an easy way for spirits of all kinds to enter your home. And you don't have a choice as to which type of spirits enter the doorways. It is all the good and all the bad, but most often the nasty things that like to cause problems.

I had seen this problem before in homes where the Ouija Board is used without any caution. People that contact complete strangers with the Ouija Boards, often open up doorways that are difficult to close, and sometimes impossible. These doorways are an open invitation to any entity entering your home whenever they please.

My living situation required me to move into this house, and although I knew it had lots of spirit problems, I didn't have a choice. I knew that a large concentration of these doorways were in the basement, and a couple in the bedroom where I would sleep. I was able to close many of these doorways, but the ones in the basement seemed impossible to close.

When I asked my Otherworld Entities what kind of spirits were lurking around the home, they informed me they were called Soul Eaters. They told me that they were vile creatures that feed upon the human soul. I had never encountered creatures like this, and I wasn't quite prepared for the problems they could cause.

Most of them stayed in the basement, so every time I used the washer and dryer in the basement, I could feel the overwhelming sensation of being watched. I sometimes saw the misty figures looming in the basement, and even heard their distinctive sounds when my Otherworld Entities attacked them.

The Soul Eaters have a feral sound that I will never forget, it is something that could never come from a human, but more like a mountain lion. It is a growling that rumbles deep in their chest, a snarl, and a hiss that brings chills up your spine. It is a sound that combines all three sounds fluidly.

Several times I was able to temporarily remove them from the home, using techniques that I learned as a child. I often had problems with Demons when I was a child, and my mentor taught me to protect myself and remove them from the home. I created a searing white light that pushed all spirits from the home and a protective blue bubble that kept them out. But when you have a doorway inside the bubble, it makes it impossible to keep them out. So I tried opening doorways, and shoving them through. Sometimes this method works to remove them from your dimension and they get lost or tired fighting. But the Soul Eaters always found their way back to the doorway in the basement.

Soul Eaters are opportunistic feeders and they feed from people when they are most vulnerable. And people are especially vulnerable when they are sleeping. When people sleep, they are relaxed and oblivious to what is going on around them.

One of the ways a Soul Eater traps their prey is through sleep paralysis. I was fed from several times, I would dream that I couldn't sit up, and I couldn't force myself to wake up from the dream. I had a lucid dream in which I had two hands holding my shoulders down and I couldn't move. And another time I woke up, and I felt two hands holding my shoulders down, but I couldn't make my body move for several seconds. After three successful feedings from me, one particular Soul Eater was nearly impossible to push out of the house. He became stronger, more solid, and his feral sounds were much louder.

I was able to see his form as he walked through the house. He was about 6 foot tall, his torn cloak clung to his thin body, and his hood barely covered his ghoulish face. The long sleeves only revealed the long thin fingers with claws at the end of each digit.

He was not only more solid, but he could affect change in this world. He could open and close doors, turn the water off and on, and you could hear him walk up the steps from the basement. My mundane roommate began to see signs of the Soul Eater in the home. He heard the Soul Eater in the bathroom and thought it was me. My roommate didn't believe in spirits, and this was the first experience he ever had with the unseen world. It excited him, but he didn't understand how dangerous this spirit was.

Before the sleep paralysis, the Soul Eater fed from my magickals and spirit vessels. My Otherworld Entity vessels became drained to the point where they couldn't interact with this world well. They were difficult to contact, and when I called, sometimes they couldn't help. I worked on rebuilding their lost energy through candle light, water, food, charging boxes and even tried an remedy of Bay Leaf and Quartz Crystals. Although the Bay Leaf and Quartz were effective near the charging vessels they weren't strong enough to protect the whole home.

So after the vessels were charged, and my entities were able to affect this world again, then the battles began. The strongest Soul Eater called in reinforcements, and instead of the one main Soul Eater, there were several. Nearly every single night, I heard the sounds from the Soul Eaters as my spirits attacked. Things were knocked off the shelves, bodies sometimes became solid enough to shake the door, hit the shelves, and sometimes bodies would fall onto the bed. I had a lot of sleepless nights.

And although Otherworld Entities can come when they are called, they are not with you 24/7. So although they could be in my room in 5 seconds, I became subject to ambushes several times at night. My son and I had scratches on our faces, or other parts of our bodies. And sometimes we were bitten by the Soul Eaters. Their sharp dagger like teeth sink into your skin and although it felt like we should be bleeding, there was no blood. And after I called to my spirits, then the battles began again.

One night after a violent battle in my room, I thought I would clean up the kitchen to get my mind off of the Soul Eaters. I didn't think much about it as I took the garbage outside. I felt my spirits nervously gather around me as I went out the door.

It was dark outside, but I could see a bit with the street lights. I looked out into the grass, and saw nearly 20 hooded and cloaked misty figures. They all stood a couple of feet from each other, and they covered the entire front yard. Although my heart skipped a beat, and I held my breath, I refused to be too afraid to complete the task I set out to do. I took the garbage to the garbage can, and I could see the figures follow my progress as some walked closer. I put the lid on the can, and ran back inside. That night a Soul Eater bit my scalp as I slept, and as I called to my spirits, the fight began again.

After a half an hour, I walked out of my room and tried to forget about what was going on. I knew my spirits wouldn't give up, but I couldn't stay in that house any longer. They threatened the safety of my Otherworld Entities as well as myself and my child.

I only stayed in that house for six months, but it was the longest six months I have ever endured. I moved to another place, and although they broke through the protection barrier around the new home, eventually they gave up.

Unfortunately my friend still lives in the home. I visit occasionally, and I know those spirits are so established that they may never leave. I've done what I can, but I can only do so much.

My friend isn't psychic at all, and is one of the most mundane humans I have ever met. I don't think he can see or hear them like he once did when so many energy filled Otherworld Entity vessels, myself, and my child lived in the home. But I feel their awareness whenever I come over, but they no longer follow me home.

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