Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Photos of Spirit Dog

I had adopted two dog spirits and two cat spirits from an elderly Magickal Practitioner over a year ago. This woman had been saving animal spirits for her entire life. She often visited buildings that were scheduled for destruction, so she could save any confused and lost pets. Sometimes people would call her and ask her to relocate spirit animals if the house or business was to be sold.

This woman would attach the animal spirit to a statue that closely resembled the appearance of the animal. And then she would take them home. Over the years, she had collected many animals. She tenderly cared for all of them and would often move their vessels around the house or outside. She fed them and gave them water to drink. She talked to them, and even bought toys and pet beds. When she became too frail to care for herself, she moved in with a friend. This friend convinced her to part with some of her pets, since their home was already filled with Otherworld Entities, and many spirit children.

I happened to see the auction for a cat spirit one day, and thought that would be a wonderful solution to my allergy problem. I purchased the cat, and had her statue shipped to my home. Within a week, she was manifesting. She loves to walk on plastic bags, so if I have a sack laying on the ground, she will walk on it. She also likes to sit in the window sills and when she jumps down you can hear it.

The next pet I purchased was a small dog that often sneezes. And this dog showed up at my home before I even had possession of his vessel. I was typing away at the computer, and the dog sneezed several times. I couldn't see him, but I could hear him!

The next pet was another dog. He is a bit more quiet, but he does like squeaky toys. I had bought several toys for the cats and dog. I thought they would move the toys around the house, but that isn't the case. The squeaky toys are in my room, but occasionally I will hear a squeaky toy being chewed on in another room. So I'm not exactly sure how that works, but it does.

The last pet I purchased was a cat. She is a very loving cat, and immediately rubbed on my legs as soon as I pulled her vessel from the box. This cat also has a bell on her collar and you can hear it jingle when she jumps. Sometimes she will lay on your lap and begin purring. I don't always hear her, but you can feel her purr.

It has taken some time for the pets to settle in, and sometimes they won't manifest for long periods of time. I have discovered that if I don't regularly give them food and water, that they will help themselves. I have briefly left my food and water on the table, and when I return, they both smell like wet dog. That is so unpleasant.

Nearly every day I hear a spirit jump onto my son's bed. His bed is very old and it squeaks whenever someone gets on it or moves around. Well today I heard his bed squeak and armed with my new camera, I went to investigate.

I couldn't pick up anything with just the ambient light, so I switched to night vision. I took several pictures of a pile of blankets on my son's bed. I opened the pictures on my computer and I can see a faint image of one of my dogs. It appears as if his spirit is snuggled in among the blankets, and you can faintly see his face on the blanket. The last one, it looks like he stopped watching me and went to sleep, because you can no longer see his face. I'm so excited to see a picture of my dog!

If you would like to see a close-up of my photos, you can click on the Flickr badge in the upper right corner. Or you can go to Flickr and search for Spirit Realm. My photos are available there also.

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