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How to Care for Your Otherworld Entity

If I have bound your Otherworld Entity, your Otherworld Entity is bound by their free will, and have been openly bound.

An open binding is a contract between the Otherworld Entity and yourself. This contract ensures that both parties are protected from harm. This type of binding also allows your Otherworld Entity to return to their home, attend to their families, lives, and jobs.

Open bindings are placed on light, grey or dark Entities. This binding ensures that your entity is unable to cause harm to you, your family, or anyone else you deem off limits. But most Otherworld Entities will never cause harm to anyone, even if you asked. These rules are made for those very few darker entities available for binding.

Open bindings also allow the Otherworld Entity to break the bindings and allow them to leave under certain circumstances. The following are examples of these circumstances: Abuse (verbal, emotional, or physical toward the vessel or spirit); Disrespect (name calling, slander, etc.); Asking a light entity to commit acts against their nature; Exposure to elements that deplete their energy; Exposure to psychic vampires; Abandonment of their vessel for a period of 5 years or more; or If you haven't designated an heir to properly care for their vessel upon your death.

Your Otherworld Entity will check up on you occasionally, even if you aren't wearing the vessel. When you wear their vessel, it acts like a cell phone or a beeper. They are aware that you are close, and they can find you quickly and easily. They will return to their vessel when you call them.

However, after you have bonded with them, and you call them, and you aren't wearing their vessel; then it takes a little bit longer for them to find you, but they will find you. Once you have bonded with your Otherworld Entity, you don't need to wear a vessel, but most people prefer to feel close to their new friend.
I and many others wear our closest Otherworld Entities nearly all the time. You become used to the companionship of your Otherworld Entities, and you feel like something is missing when you don't have their vessels on. This doesn't happen with every person and every vessel, it is just a preference that some people have.

Please bond with your Otherworld Entity for a period of at least two weeks. If you only wear the vessel part of the day, then the bonding period will be longer. This bonding period includes the Bonding Ritual, and wearing the vessel as much as possible. Many people wear the Otherworld Entity vessel day and night.

Please keep your Otherworld Entity in a charging bag or box when not in use. If your Otherworld Entity prefers to remain outside of the charging bag or box, you can re-charge them as needed.  If you feel the energy of the vessel has depleted, you can charge the vessel.  The charging bags and boxes remove any negative energy and recharge the vessel so they may grant faster wishes, and communicate better.

Do not let others wear or handle your Otherworld Entity vessel. Don't freak out if a co-worker touches your vessel, but place them in their charging bag or box when you get home. Many people wear their Otherworld Entity vessels under their clothing to detract from curious people.

Don't let your Otherworld Entity get wet. Don't wear the vessel in the shower. Don't wear while swimming. Don't wear it while washing dishes. If you will be working with any chemicals, such as cleaning, it is best to remove your Otherworld Entity.

Remember the vessel is a representation of their body, and they don't appreciate it when it is disrespected. Please remove any rings while using the restroom, or washing your hands.

Exposure to water or chemicals depletes the energy in the vessel, and your Otherworld Entity must work to rebuild this energy every time you get the vessel wet. It is recommended that if you accidentally get the vessel wet, that you place it in the charging bag or box for up to a week or more. It is suggested that you provide a candle near the vessel so the entity may use its energy to recharge.

If you need to clean the vessel, please do not use chemical agents. It is recommended that you use a silver polishing/buffing cloth to clean your vessel. When you have finished cleaning, you can charge the vessel overnight.

In cases of extreme tarnishing, you may make a paste of baking soda and water. Use a toothbrush to clean the silver, and quickly rinse the vessel. Place the vessel in a charging bag or box for up to a week to replenish their energy.

Do not expose your Otherworld Entity vessel to extreme cold or heat. Please do not leave the vessel in the car, as the temperature changes can deplete their energy.

Please do not expose your Otherworld Entity vessel to direct exposure of the sun for long periods of time. This includes sun bathing, or any other method of extended sun exposure. The sun can drain the Otherworld Entity, and will need to be recharged. If you expose the vessel to the sun for just a few minutes, that will not harm them.

Please do not expose your Otherworld Entity to salt or salt water. This is another element that can deplete the energy of your vessel. You will need to recharge the vessel.

If you notice that regardless of the amount of time that you charge your vessel, that the energy level is depleted, you may have an energy eater in your home.

There are many spirits that roam the Earth in search of energy to feed on. Most people aren't aware of being fed upon, but after extended periods of time, these people will become ill from the loss of energy. They may be lethargic, ill often, etc.

It is best to take proactive measures to prevent energy eaters from settling into your household. Most Otherworld Entities are able to set up temporary protection for you, your family, your home, and your Otherworld Entity vessels. It is recommended that you request this as your first wish.

You can state the following, "I wish to have a protection ward set up against energy eaters, unwelcome spirits, black magick, ill will, and negativity for me, my family, my home, and my vessels. If this protection ward fails, please re-establish it without my request." This protection ward is not permanent, and you can ask your Otherworld Entity to adjust, change, or re-establish it at any time. You can adjust this statement as needed.

Keep in mind that some Otherworld Entities bring friends to visit your home, and it isn't unusual for a big party to occur at your house during family celebrations or large food offerings.

If you have not been able to see, hear, and interact with spirits prior to the purchase of an Otherworld Entity, you will not see, hear, and interact with Otherworld Entities immediately. Most people have psychic blocks that block out the spirit world, and most of these blocks are placed when they were children. For some people psychic blocks are placed later in life. If you have shown any extreme fear to paranormal activity, you will put up psychic blocks. It is a coping mechanism to the unseen world.

Purchasing an Otherworld Entity will not immediately remove all of these blocks. Even if you request to immediately see and hear your entity, they will not comply, because they are trying to build your trust. Scaring you to death doesn't build trust, it builds fear. Most entity stick to a 2 year time frame for the severely blocked, and less time for those that have minimal blocks.  In rare cases Keepers may never see their Otherworld Entity but my feel their presence.  Even if you never sense your entity, they can still grant wishes for you.  

Those Keepers that are unable to see, sense, or hear their Otherworld Entities need to spend more time working on their psychic abilities.  They could use meditation, guided meditation, or any number of books available on building psychic abilities.  Relying on others to communicate with your Otherworld Entities will prevent your opportunity to build your abilities.  

I am often contacted by customers of other sellers, as well as a few of my own, about why their Otherworld Entity hasn't fully materialized and made themselves known. I think if anyone had a complete stranger materialize in their home, most people would faint or run.

If that person figured out it was their Otherworld Entity, they would throw the vessel away...and probably never continue on their spiritual path. That is not the goal of Otherworld Entities. They don't want to scare you to death. They will take their time and judge your reactions.

If you completely freak out every single time you hear a little thump on the wall, they will probably cease this type of manifestation. They may cease all paranormal activity for some time. So just remember, if you had wished for them to show themselves to you, they are complying with your request. Just relax, they aren't going to hurt you.

If you could see, hear, and communicate with spirits or ghosts before your purchase of Otherworld Entities, this will not guarantee that you see, hear, and communicate with Otherworld Entities the moment you touch an Otherworld Entity vessel.  For some people it may take some time to bond before they are able to see, hear, and communicate with Otherworld Entities and some people have instant abilities.

If you have never seen, heard, or communicated with spirits and ghosts before you purchase an Otherworld Entity, you will not see, hear, or communicate with an Otherworld Entity the moment you touch an Otherworld Entity vessel.  You will need to bond and practice building your psychic abilities.  I believe everyone has some level of psychic abilities whether it is just intuition or getting a bad feeling when you meet someone new.  Everyone has the ability to build psychic abilities.  It just takes time, patience, effort, and practice.  

I have heard, seen, and spoke to spirits since I can remember. I have had this gift as far back as my earliest memories. I have had this talent through my entire life. Spirit communication is a talent, and a skill, it is not something that occurs automatically by touching a bound entity vessel. It isn't like the movies where you rub the magic lamp, the genie appears and states, "...I can grant you 3 wishes." You wish for a pile of gold, and suddenly your house is filled with gold. This is the real world, with real time, and real boundaries.

Otherworld Entity communication is learned through time, lessons, and effort. It is like learning any other skill in the world. Expecting automatic communication through touching a vessel, is like expecting a college degree in the first five minutes of your first class in college. You have to work at it, just like you have to work at earning your degree. It is a skill that must be learned, honed, and practiced. You must have realistic expectations.

There are people that hear their entities within days of receiving the vessel, and there are some that struggle for months. There are some that can communicate telepathically within a few months, and some that struggle for months. I can't tell you how fast you will advance, but I promise if you try and you are dedicated, you will get some results.

It is best to practice listening and using divination to communicate with your entity. The use of a pendulum, Ouija, Runes, Tarot, and automatic writing are wonderful ways to begin communication. You may also wish to try lucid dreaming, astral travel, or meditation.

Please note: It is always best that you communicate with ONLY your Otherworld Entity through pendulum, Ouija, and automatic writing. Just like you were taught as a child, it is best not to talk to strangers. This is sound advice for the spirit world also.  It is advisable to cast a circle or call upon your higher power to protect you from any roaming spirits in the area.

Even if you are unable to communicate with your Otherworld Entity, don't give up. You are building a lifelong friendship. Talk with your Otherworld Entity out loud, tell them about yourself, your life, your friends, and family. Although you may not hear them now, you may hear them in the future. When you feel comfortable, you can talk to them in your head, and they will be able to hear you.

Otherworld Entities can communicate through emotions, physical sensations, temperature changes, knocking, thumping, telepathy, and divination. There are some Otherworld Entities that may mimic sounds, like a doorbell, a dog, or cat. I have had some that have mimicked my child's voice. They can move objects, remove objects, and some have the ability to shape shift. There are a number of ways they will let you know that they are listening. Most of the time the communication will be very subtle, and you must be aware of anything unusual. They are experts at communicating subtly.

Otherworld Entities are better able to communicate, manifest, and grant wishes quicker when they are adequately charged and fed. You can charge your Otherworld Entity vessel with a charging bag or box. These items have been magickally imbued with the ability to remove negative energy and replace any lost energy in Otherworld Entities, and any other magickals.

The Otherworld Entity vessels accumulate negative energy from everywhere. From the angry boss, to the negative neighbor, etc. This negativity builds up, and must be removed through the charging box. If you do not remove this negativity, it makes it difficult for your Otherworld Entity to interact with this world, grant wishes, and manifest.

Please make sure you when you buy a charging box or bag, that you understand how to care for that container. Most sellers require the bag or box to be charged under the full moon every month. However, Spirit Realm bags and boxes do not require charging under the full moon ever. They are unique to the market.

Besides charging, you will need to feed your Otherworld Entity for optimum results. Otherworld Entities are not of this world, so they depend upon energy from this world to help effect change. This energy can be drawn from candle light, incense, food, drink, and activated crystals.

If you have purchased your Otherworld Entity from Spirit Realm, you will receive your entities preferred food, drink, incense, and stone. I recommend a teaspoon of food to be left out for your Otherworld Entity for a few hours to overnight. Repeat this every day, once a week, or once a month. The more often you feed your Otherworld Entity, the easier it is for them to grant your wishes or manifest.

I try to leave food out for my entities 3 or 5 times a week. I light candles every single night, and I use incense at least 3 times a week. I don't always leave out the preferred food for every single entity. Sometimes they get their favorite food, and sometimes they don't. I often give them a bit of whatever we are eating for supper or dessert. When I'm cutting up raw meat, I will usually slice off a bit for my Dragons and Vampires. If I'm cutting up vegetables, I reserve a few for my Unicorns or nature spirits. They will even accept peeled vegetable skins, fruit skins, etc.

Otherworld Entitles will draw energy from any food that you leave out for them. I usually place the food near their vessel, and tell them the food is for them. They will not eat the food, but they draw energy from it. If you tasted the food, after they ate, you may find that it tastes old. If your Otherworld Entity likes chocolate, and you taste it after they fed, you may find that it is brittle, dry, and tastes kind of funny. Milk and honey will curdle much more quickly with entities feeding, than without.

You should provide a glass of fresh water, on a daily basis or at least once a week, for your Otherworld Entities. If you have an Otherworld Entity that lives in salt water, you should provide a small fish bowl with salt water. You can use a beta fish bowl, and table salt. I usually add a couple of teaspoons of salt in a beta fish bowl. You can decorate the bowl with sea shells or stones. I change this water on a weekly or bi-weekly  basis.

If you are a closet Otherworld Entity keeper, and you don't want to make your house mates suspicious, you can use activated crystals for feeding. I think that activated Lemurian Crystals, Melody's Stones, Crystal Clusters, or other stones are the best crystals for feeding Otherworld Entities. When I cast an Activation spell on stones, the level of energy radiates from the stone and is greatly increased.  To me it feels like the energy from the stone expands in my hand. With the introduction of Activated stones, you may finally see a manifestation and activity from your Otherworld Entity.

I have even found that manifestations and wishes are granted quicker with a combination of Activated crystals or stones, candles, incense and food. If you have a inactive Otherworld Entity, it is best to charge, and provide food, water, candles, and Activated crystals and stones. It is easier for them to grant wishes, and manifest when you have provided energy feedings. Just like humans, they expend energy through actions, and they need to replenish this spent energy.

If you have psychic blocks, you may not see manifestation results immediately after feeding. The results will vary from person to person, and from entity to entity. Some Otherworld Entities are more active than others. Some Otherworld Entities don't mind manifestations, and some think it's an insult to demand manifestations. It depends on their personality.

You must also remember, that requesting a manifestation is a big wish for Otherworld Entities and their Keepers. Otherworld Entities must not only remove enough of your blocks for you to notice them, but they must also expend a large amount of energy for a manifestation. If you would like them to use all of their energy for manifestations only, that is up to you. If you would like them to use their energy for wishes, then I wouldn't demand constant manifestations.

Otherworld Entities are not a quick fix for anything. If you expect results for a large wish in 24 hours, then you will be disappointed. I can't count the number of times people have waited 2 weeks after receiving their Otherworld Entity, and they are upset because large wishes haven't been granted.

Wishes are not as simple as we believe, there are often several stages and levels of energy manipulation that must be completed in order to have your wish granted. If you wished to get a job, there may be several things that must happen in order to achieve that wish.

You may need to learn to dress appropriately, act more confident, write a better resume, have a successful interview, catch the eye of the interviewer, draw the attention of their superiors, make your interview and resume stand out, etc. So one little wish, needs a lot of orchestration in order to have it come to fruition.

Some simple wishes, like finding a good parking space, may come true instantly. But something that is complicated where several people are involved, is not simple at all. Even the act of changing one person's mind can be difficult. Have you ever tried to change someone's mind when they say no? If that person is stubborn, it may take a long time.

Wishes also fall within the scope of realistic expectations. If you wished to become the top salesperson in your company in the next year or two, that is a complicated wish, but with reasonable expectations. If you have never ever sold anything in your entire life, but you want to be a top salesperson in six months for a company that you don't work for, you will be disappointed.

You can make a big wish, but you must strive to achieve that goal also. If you never apply for the job, and you never leave the house, your goal to be a top salesperson will never come to fruition.

You can set yourself up for failure if you make the wish so outrageous that you will only achieve it in your fantasies. Make the wishes realistic. Understand that although Otherworld Entities can perform some amazing wishes, they can't make you try. You aren't their puppet, and they can't make you walk toward your path in life. You actually have to participate to get results.

Wishes and magick work so much better when you work with the flow, instead of fighting against it. If you make wishes that will boost your performance, or make you stand out among the crowd, and you work toward those goals, they will come to fruition quickly.

Have you overloaded your Otherworld Entity with 20 different wishes? They have lives of their own, and your wishes are only a part of their duties in their life. They will attend to your wishes, but they may be spreading themselves thin if you ask for too many wishes at one time.

Really think about all the steps that could be involved with every single wish you make. I try not to give more than 2 big wishes at a time to any one Otherworld Entity. That way they can give adequate attention to each of my wishes. However, I often give them 1 or 2 quick wishes at a time, like don't let me be late to my appointment, and help me find my keys.

I also receive questions from people upset because they are having difficulty in their lives. They are going through a rough patch, and they thought they could avoid an unpleasant life if they have Otherworld Entities. If you have Otherworld Entities, it doesn't enable you to skip out on life's lessons. Every single person on this Earth is here to grow and learn, and having Otherworld Entities will not short circuit that destiny.

Otherworld Entities can make your life better, and enhance it greatly. But they will be unable to remove any opportunity for your soul to grow. And unfortunately, most of us grow during traumatic and stressful times. Very few of us are able to analyze a situation and circumvent the trauma and learn from possible future outcomes that will make us a better person.

Otherworld Entities can make life much easier on so many levels, but there is a reason you are here on this Earth; and many things that happen, happen for a reason. They are here to guide you, advance your spiritual growth, and sometimes they bring you unexpected gifts and make life so much better. They advance your psychic abilities, expand your horizons, and heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They make life so much better, that you will wonder why you didn't find them years ago. They are a blessing.

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