Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photographing Spirits

I bought a new camera over the Memorial Day weekend. It is a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H50 with 9.1 mega pixels. I have never purchased a digital camera for general photography, and I knew it was time to take the plunge. The camera I chose has a night vision option, via infrared, which I thought would be essential for photographing spirits at night.

I have taken several photographs of spirits during the day when I borrowed a friend's camera. But the photographs didn't always turn out well due to the lighting. The spirit orbs would be washed away in the sunlight, or the apparitions would be difficult to discern from the background. Due to these problems, I had only 3 photographs out of 60 that were worth keeping.

I decided to attempt to photograph some spirits while they feasted on an offering. Last night I set up a stage in my hallway. I had placed a plate of sliced strawberries with a bit of sugar sprinkled on top. I also had a glass of milk with honey, and two tea light candles. I shut off all of the lights and took photos using the flash. I found that the flash was so bright that it looked like daylight. So I switched to the no-flash setting and turned on my bedroom light. This helped, but I didn't capture any spirits this way.

I tried the night vision with my bedroom light on, and the photographs in my room looked like black and white photos. The photos were pretty detailed, and they looked like they had fairly good quality. But the contrast wasn't high enough to capture any orbs or any activity.

Then I tried the night vision with nothing but the tea lights. Although the pictures were very grainy, I captured quiet a few spirits! I photographed a woman's face, two 1 foot tall spirits with slight facial features, many fae flying through the air, and lots of spirit orbs. I also had many pictures where a spirit was drawing energy from one of the tea lights. It appears as if there is a ray of energy being drawn in a straight line from the candle flame.

The picture where I caught a lot of fae was near my snake cage. Spirits love to play with pets, and my snake included. I often hear something jump on the screen on top of the cage, even when my snake is sleeping. Last night the spirits happened to jump on the cage while I was photographing. So I started taking pictures of the cage and the surrounding areas. When I cropped and blew up the pictures, I was amazed to see several fae as well as some very bright orbs escaping the scene of the disturbance.

I will continue to experiment with my new camera and post the photos on my blog. I plan to make a larger contrast between the spirits and the background by using black sheets. I also plan to move my stage to a larger area in the Living Room. I think this small hallway restricts the amount of spirit activity I can photograph.

My best advice to spirit photographers is to blow up the photos. Spirits can adjust their size of their body as well as their orbs. Many of the best photos are the result of cropping and magnification.

I also suggest requesting permission from your spirits as well. Not all of my spirits are fond of being photographed. Some feel that it is a circus trick, and they feel insulted when they are asked to perform in front of the camera. Since I have opened my own store to sell spirits (SpiritRealm.Etsy.com), they have agreed to allow me to photograph them. They understand that people often don't believe until they see. And I appreciate their cooperation with this endeavor.

So grab a camera and try to capture the beauty of your spirits!

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