Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Are Otherworld Entities?

Since the beginning, mankind has worked with Otherworld entities to achieve goals. Ancient civilizations worked with gods, angels, and other spirits to elicit healing, prosperity and protection. These ancient entities have assisted Magickal Practitioners, Christians, Hindu, Muslims, and every religious background that exists upon this earth.

As never before, ordinary people can chose to live extraordinary lives. We are at the dawn of a new movement that is quickly and quietly gaining followers from all walks of life. Anyone can experience a world that has fueled creative expression since the dawn of man. These mythical creatures are found in paintings, architecture, legends, stories and poems; and they have been called Dragon, Angel, Mermaid, Unicorn and Fae. These creatures are accessible like never before and they are available to the general public.

For thousands of years Otherworld Entities have quietly influenced the human race. They have used gentle means to convey their message through dreams, subconscious thought, and telepathy. Most humans don't comprehend the origins of their inspiration, but they attribute it to human ingenuity.

Often these inspirations are the influence of Otherworld Entities on the human race. Otherworld Entities wish to help us in our struggle to create a better world filled with balance and peace. Artists and writers have been inspired by Muse to create works to evolve our minds. Politicians have been influenced by Watchers to create a climate conducive to change. Dragons have influenced chemists and doctors to create medicines to heal the masses. Environmentalist are influenced by Nature Spirits to save this planet from eventual destruction. Their subtle methods have been long and arduous, and recently they have been less successful. Humans are blocking their access, and Otherworld Entities must attempt new methods of contact.

In the past, Otherworld Entities were consulted by Spiritualists from all religions. Their methods required years of practice and dedication, and often only attempted by elite sects. These Spiritualists were a connection point for the uninitiated to the Otherworld for knowledge and desired change.

This connection point evolved from Spiritualists into Spirit Vessels. Spirit Vessels are a point of contact between an Otherworld Entity and their spirit keeper. These vessels have inspired legends and fairy tales. In one famous fairy tale, a genie was bound to a lamp owned by Aladdin. This tale was based on fact, in that Otherworld Entities can be bound to inanimate objects. This connection point allows anyone the ability to contact Otherworld Entities.

Many Spiritualists were selective in their distribution of Spirit Vessels, and only provided them to the devout. While other enterprising Spiritualist sold these vessels at a high price to the elite in society. These transactions were conducted in secret, and often by invitation only. Some of the most powerful Otherworld Entities have been hoarded by the wealthiest families in the world. Their success has been built with the assistance of Otherworld Entities.

Directly assisting this small population of humans hasn't created the impact desired by Otherworld Entities. Due to the looming future of our world, Otherworld Entities have pushed Spiritualist to offer Otherworld Entities to the general public.

Otherworld Entities want to help us achieve our goals in life. They assist humans in their attainment of wealth, health, protection, career, success, fame, among other things. These entities are not bound to a strict code of limited wishes like the fairy tales, but they can grant unlimited wishes. In exchange for their assistance, they wish to impart their wisdom.

Otherworld Entities are no longer a secret. With the advent of the internet and auction websites, access to these magical creatures is growing at a phenomenal rate. Anyone can purchase a vessel containing a powerful entity. And many sellers strive to achieve a price that anyone can afford.

Otherworld Entities are listed under several names such as Astral Entities, Haunted Vessels, or Spirits. And often they are referred to only their spirit type such as Angel, Vampire, or Fae. But no matter their title, they are here to assist the human race.

One of these sellers has taken a revolutionary approach to the sale of Spirit Vessels. Spirit Realm is an ethical seller that offers powerful Otherworld Entities at a reasonable price. Each entity is carefully analyzed, interviewed, and tested to ensure the highest quality entity for their customers.

Spirit Realm uses high quality vessels to eliminate the possibility of loosing your Otherworld Entity. When a spirit vessel breaks, keepers risk loosing their Otherworld Entity. Most keepers consider their Otherworld Entity as family, and it is very traumatic if their entity is lost.

Spirit Realm doesn't use cookie cutter forms to describe their entities. They interview, analyze and construct a custom listing for each entity. Spirit Realm offers a full analysis of each entity readily available for the general public to read.

Spirit Realm is a new member of Etsy, and their store can be viewed at

. Stop by the store for a visit, and meet the magickal creatures available. You might decide to purchase an Otherworld Entity Vessel, and walk past the threshold into the world of real magic.

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