Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love - Hate of Paranormal Investigators

I have had a love-hate relationship with Paranormal Investigators and enthusiasts over the years.  Some will objectively look at my photos, experiences, and interviews, and will state that my "proof" of Otherworldly beings are interesting and intriguing.  Others will tell me that if they move their camera around they would get the exact same photos.  Some state that I need to turn on the lights and take photos.  And some state my photos are Rorschach, or they just don't see anything at all.  

I try to take the criticism with a grain of salt and realize that these individuals don't have to present their credentials in order to dole out their comments.  Sometimes I try to objectively discuss their views, and other times I don't want to deal with them.

I think that individuals that peruse the internet can become very jaded.  They have seen hundreds of videos and photos that are fake, could be fake, or they just don't trust the source.  Even videos from Invisible Children have hundreds of comments declaring the   organization is fake.  Really.  

I understand that some people can't see anything in my photos at all.  I have actually outlined images for people so they could get the general concept of the image, and they still don't see the entity.  So there are a certain percentage of the population that are unable to process the photos of Otherworld Entities.  I don't know if it is a psychic ability issue, the way the brain processes the image, or if it's something that is learned.  I just know that I can see it and some can't.

I understand some people look at paranormal activity from a different perspective than I do.  I tend to be very optimistic about paranormal activity and I don't automatically assume that there is a logical, non-paranormal explanation for most occurrences.  I don't discount many because I can feel the energy changes along with the sound, movement, apparition, etc.  But I understand that other people don't experience the world the same way that I do.  

Other Paranormal Investigators have a very pessimistic view of paranormal activity.  They will grind out the possibility of any paranormal activity with a huge list of explanations.  

Go to any paranormal forum and check out what the fans say about photos presented by other fans.  Any orb is a speck of dust, a bug, or flaw with the camera.  Any apparition is classified as photo shop or obviously fake.  They don't give any explanation, give any analysis, or provide any facts as to why they consider it fake.  They don't list their credentials or their expertise.  They just shoot down EVERYTHING.  

I have even had very negative comments from Pagan based websites.  Actually some of the comments listed in the first paragraph are from Pagan websites.  Which is very disappointing for me, as one would assume that Pagans would be more open to the Otherworld.  One would expect Pagans to be more open-minded period.  But I have found that I can't have optimistic judgments about others based upon their basic belief systems.  I am often disappointed.

I guess I have become jaded as well.    

So while we have the guise of acceptance of paranormal activity with paranormal investigation shows, it is not truly accepted by many in the general public.  Or at least in my experience.  They don't objectively review data with scientific analysis or any type of scientific equipment, and they revel in the power of damning any evidence before them.  

It drives me crazy. But I do love some of the Paranormal Investigator shows. I really do love Paranormal State, Psychic Kids, Ghost Adventures, Dead Files, My Ghost Story, and Celebrity Ghost Stories. I don't feel these shows beat the evidence to death to prove there really is no paranormal activity. They give me hope that the world is opening up beyond the mundane, and that maybe the general public can eventually see the bigger picture.

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