Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sleep Paralysis

Have you ever woke up and you are totally aware of your surroundings, but you do not have control of your own body?  Were you unable to move, talk, and think?  Have you ever felt held down in your bed?  Did you awaken to someone on your back or chest?  Did you see, hear, or feel someone else in the room, but you couldn't do anything?  

This is often classified as "Sleep Paralysis".  Some classify it as a medical condition and others accept it as a psychic trauma.  

Some doctors classify it as a dysfunction of the body.  The body induces paralysis in order to protect the sleeping body, and in some cases individuals wake up and are unable to move.  

Doctors believe hallucination are common in sort of a waking dream.  According to doctors it isn't unusual for people to feel held down, a weight of an unseen force on them, sexual experiences, as well as visual and auditory hallucinations.  

Some believe that sleep paralysis is demonic oppression, or even demonic and spiritual attacks.  The entity makes their prey easier to handle with the inability to move, think,  or speak.    

There is a division of believers and non-believers in the phenomenon of sleep paralysis.  I tend to reject the medical explanation as I too have been a victim of attacks and have experienced sleep paralysis.  

I believe the medical community has provided a scientific explanation of a symptom that is a psychic or spiritual occurrence.  They do not acknowledge mystical, psychic, or other entities as real in their scope and perception of reality.  

I'm sure the medical community has all sorts of explanations of many things that I would accept as a spiritual or psychic experience.  Otherworld entities and psychic abilities would be considered delusion, possession may be considered a dissociative disorder,  and spiritual attacks may be considered paranoia.

But just because a scientist may not consider sleep paralysis as anything beyond a bodily dysfunction, does not remove the fact that it is real.  It doesn't eliminate the possibility that an entity is the cause.  Just because the medical community doesn't acknowledge many of the things I believe to be real, does not make my reality fantasy.    

Those with psychic abilities tend to see the world in a different perspective.  They experience the world in ways that science cannot comprehend.  And yes, there is the small percentage of scientists that do acknowledge the world we experience on a daily basis.  However, those scientists that embrace the world outside of the physical are often marginalized by the majority of their constituents.  

I have had experience with sleep paralysis.  It has only occurred a few times, but each time is very real, traumatic, and it makes you feel vulnerable and powerless.  I have been held down, scratched, and had lost the ability to think and speak.  I was not in control of my body while my attacker fed on me or sexually assaulted me.  

I fought back with everything in me, and it was so difficult to gain control of my body again.  I could think of a word or two, but it was a huge struggle.  I felt like something had prevented access to my body.  I was conscious but unable operate beyond this consciousness.    

I felt the weight of  a body on top of me, feel the hot breath on my cheek, and heard their voice in my ear.  I felt the claws digging into my skin, and the pressure of hands on my shoulders.  

I had to fight to call out to my Watcher, and in seconds she was there.  The experience was less than a minute, but it was so exhausting and traumatic that I didn't sleep well for some time.  

I know my experience was real.  It was not a dysfunction of my brain or a waking dream.  

It has only happened a few times, but they are experiences I will never forget.  And I was lucky that I have friends that were sympathetic and understanding.  I think my experience would have been  more difficult if I didn't have people that understood and believe what happened to me.  

I think if everyone told me my experience was sleep paralysis, which is a dysfunction of the brain that causes hallucinations, it would have traumatized me all over again.  It is almost like someone saying you weren't really sexually assaulted, it was all in your head.    

If you have a friend that describes sleep paralysis to you, don't write it off as a medical condition with symptoms.  It is a traumatic experience that is very frightening, especially for those that have very little experience with the dark side of the paranormal world. 

Listen, sympathize, and help them.  Likely they will continue to be attacked by whatever entity has gained access to them.  If they do nothing, it will happen again and again.  Direct them to someone that can help.  

A doctor is not going to help remove negative entities from their lives or give them protection from demons.  Doctors will try to diagnose an individual in a one night stay at a  sleep psychology center, in which the entity will not make an appearance.  Their diagnosis will be negative and the patient will be sent home.  And if they report the symptoms to the doctor again, they will likely be sent to a shrink.  This will not remove negative entities from anyone's life.  

So next time someone tells you they experienced sleep paralysis, don't write off their cry for help as a medical condition.  They have been violated, raped, molested, and traumatized.  Do not traumatize them more by telling them it is a body dysfunction or all in their head.  Direct them to someone that can assist them.  


Espiritu said...

I have always had entities present themselves to me. Just a few weeks ago I experienced my first extremely scary "sleep paralysis". I woke up around 3am and noticed my room was much colder than normal and I felt a presence in the room. At first I did not think anything of it as I have experienced this and have seen many things since I was a child. However what happened next has had me searching for answers ever since. I looked at the corner where I normally see most entities, and there stood a shadow. At first it looked like a woman just staring at me when suddenly I could not move. The only thing I could do is move my eyes to my wife trying to figure out how to get her attention. As I look up at what was holding me down I see a demonic entity smiling. It lowered itself to my ear and said "death is coming. Death is coming soon." All along I was praying for something to remove this thing from my home. Finally as it raised away from me laughing it disappeared and I gained fully control of my body again. I was so terrified that I could not sleep for like three days. It is just so hard when the people I explain this to either boils it down to sleep paralysis or tells me it was just a bad dream. I wish there was a way prove to them that it is not what they think.

Spirit Realm said...

I'm so sorry for your experience. It is traumatic and scary for anyone that experiences sleep paralysis. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I think it is easier for people to disbelieve in sleep paralysis. If you share your experience, and they tell you it is all in your head, they reassure themselves that they are safe. If they live in a world of only mundane experiences, it is a world where they feel in control. If they accept that negative and demonic entities can control you like a puppet, they are not in control and they aren't safe.
There is no way to prove sleep paralysis to anyone unless they have experienced it themselves. Even if you video taped yourself unable to move, that would not be enough proof for anyone. If you have spirits popping into your home from one specific area, you probably have an open doorway to the spirit world. It would be like leaving your the front door of your house unlocked at all times. It isn't safe. It is best that you smudge your entire home with sage smoke and work on getting that doorway closed. You may be able to call upon your higher power to assist you. If you have an Otherworld Entity, you could ask them to assist you. If you are experienced with spells, then you need to work on closing it yourself. You may need to contact an experienced local medium or some type of spiritual worker that can assist you...if you are not experienced in this area. If you have a religious icon or a bound Otherworld Entity, you should wear the vessel at night. You could wear a blessed metal or rosary or even wear an Otherworld Entity vessel at night. When I was growing up I had all sorts of spirit and demonic attacks. My spiritual mentor gave me a blessed rosary. I wore it whenever I was home, and I felt safe for the first time in years. I am not Catholic, but I trusted in the magick of the rosary. If this happens again, you should call upon your higher power to protect you. I hope that you can get the doorway closed and arm yourself with some spiritual protection. If you are using a Ouija board, pendulum, or seance to contact random spirits, you need to stop this immediately. It is very dangerous to speak to strangers in the spirit world. This can cause doorways to open...and sometimes they are damned near impossible to close. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask. I hope that you can find resolution and get this under control. Blessings, StarWynd