Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rescued Spirit Animals

Several years ago I adopted 4 bound, earth-bound spirits animals from an elderly spell caster that needed to reduce her collection.  She saved lost animal spirits that were once pets, and bound them to statues that were similar to their likeness.  Saving spirit animals was her calling in life, and she was called upon by many people to assist those animals that were earth-bound.  

One of my spirit animals had lived in a home for many years, and the people that had purchased the home became aware of the spirit animal over time.  They grew to love her, but when they had to move, they were afraid that the new homeowners would not cherish the spirit animal as they had.  They called upon this spell caster to adopt their spirit animal and care for her.

Another spirit animal was rescued from a house of an animal hoarder.  The hoarder had been evicted from the house, after it was condemned, and it was scheduled to be demolished.  The elderly spell caster went there to save the spirit animals that roamed the site, bound them, and took them home.  

This spell caster had a mission in life and rescued pets that were earth-bound.  But after collecting spirit animals for many years, her collection was quite large.  She was very elderly and had to part with some of her beloved spirit animals.  I was lucky enough to be one of those individuals that adopted them.  

Since I have been unable to have furry animals for many years, due to allergies, this was a wonderful alternative for me.  I have always had pets my entire life, and I have had a wide variety of pets over the years.  And I have furry pets once again, although they may not be flesh and blood, they are fun in their own way.  

Along with the four bound spirit animals that I adopted, I have a tag-along as well.  In the last place I lived, I picked up a spirit puppy that is only a few months old.  He isn't bound to any object, but he is earth-bound and just tags along.  He looks like a yellow lab that is maybe 4-6 months old.  

The other pets that I have adopted from the spell caster.  One dog is a female Shih Tzu and another is a larger sized male terrier mix.  Then I have one long haired female white cat, and one short haired female black cat.  They each have their personalities, just like regular animals.  

The Shih Tzu sneezes constantly and she tends to sleep on top of my snake cage or on the counter.  When she jumps on the snake cage, the top of it rattles, and my snake is generally very annoyed.  Sometimes she will be friendly with me and snuggle up with me on the couch.  And sometimes she will crawl into bed or wake me up in the middle of the night.  

The terrier likes to sleep with my son.  You can hear him jump on the bed.  The bed will squeak when he gets on the bed and while he walks in a circle to make him self a nice spot to sleep.  He is generally very quiet and usually calm.  But occasionally he will get excited and bump into you, whack you with his tail, or rub you with a wet, cold nose.   

They are like regular dogs, and they will watch you eat, beg, and follow you around the house.  Occasionally you will hear their nails on the linoleum, fell their bodies rub against your legs, feel cold wet noses on your skin, feel tails whapping you on the leg, hear tails hitting the wall or sliding glass door, or even hear them whining and barking.  

The puppy forgets that he is a spirit and will get stuck in places and cry.  He has cried outside of my door, gotten stuck in the closet or the basement.  Sometimes the adult dogs will hang out with him and join in the game and wait to be let in.  And sometimes I get up and physically let them back in, and other times my entities help out.

The black cat loves to sit on window sills and enjoy the warmth of the sun.  She also likes to play with and walk on plastic, so any plastic lying around is fair game.  She also loves boxes and you can hear her sharpen her claws, her fur rubbing against the box and she makes her self a nice bed, her paws batting against the box, or her flopping down.  She will occasionally sharpen her claws on the furniture, but I can't see any physical evidence of damage, I just hear it.    

The long haired white cat has a bell on her neck.  You can hear when she walks around.  She thinks she is a princess and will sit on the back of the couch or on the arms of the chairs.  Sometimes she will sleep with me, and loves to lay near my head, on my chest or neck.  

The cats will occasionally rub against our legs and you can feel them the vibrating purr when they are against your legs.  Sometimes they just feel like a tingling presence laying on you, and sometimes they have mass that will feel like a weight upon you. The cats have a bad habit of biting my plants and I will find little teeth marks chewed into my houseplants.  Sometimes you hear them padding across the floor, hear them purr or meow.   

All of the animals will come and go from our house whenever they please.  They visit other homes, and sometimes they will ride with me in the car, go with me to work, go with my son to school, and visit me with friends.  It isn't unusual to visit someone with a dog and have the dog frolicking and playing with my spirit dogs along with my Otherworld Entities.

Spirit pets are some of the easiest pets to care for.  You don't need to take them to the Vet, they don't need to be supervised too much, and you don't have to house train them much.  They don't cause messes with accidents, they don't shed on the furniture, they don't crawl up the drapes or eat your TV remote.   

You do have to feed and water them, and if you don't, they will help themselves to your food and water.  And even if you do feed them, they will help themselves to whatever you are eating, because it is just too tempting.

My son and I have learned very quickly that you do not leave food unattended.  Cereal seems to be the favorite of the Shih Tzu.  You leave a bowl of cereal unattended for any length of time, and you will not want to eat it.  She doesn't physically eat the food….to where it is missing, but it will smell like wet dog so bad that you have to throw it away.  

Water is fair game as well.  You always have to smell the water before you drink it, or you will get a nice after taste of wet dog.  I can't count the number of times I've had to dump water glasses, wash the glass and fill it up again.  

The animal spirits will eat energy from food scraps as well as candles.  I have a photo of the Shih Tzu eating directly from a candle holder like it's a bowl of food.  

I catch glimpses of the spirit animals in the house.  Sometimes I see flashes of bits of bodies, sometimes I see just an ghostly outline, and sometimes a full body apparition.  Sometimes they are around a lot, and sometimes they are not.  There are times that I don't see or hear them for days, and then other times they visit often.  

It is always such a treasure when I have evidence of their presence through a photo, a sound, or even physical evidence that could be nothing other than them.  One winter my son alerted me to dog tracks in the middle of the yard.  It was a fresh snow and we were scooping the sidewalk and driveway.  In the middle of the front yard there was a bit of dog tracks in the snow.  They began and ended at least 5 feet from the sidewalk or driveway.  It was as if one of the dogs materialized in the middle of the yard, walked around a bit, and then disappeared.  There was no other explanation for it.  

I wish that I would have taken a photo of it, but I don't know how they would have turned out.  I am an amateur photographer, and photographing footprints in the snow would be difficult without getting too close.  I guess I will just have to fondly remember how our dogs decided to give us a physical hello on a winter's day.

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