Thursday, March 11, 2010

Old Otherworld Entity Interviews

Want to read some of my old interviews?  These are the interviews that I published on the site.  These particular spirits are no longer available, but they may give you some ideas for your spirit family!  

Contact me if you would like a custom spirit binding based on your needs, personality, experience, sensitivity to energy and paranormal activity, and your preference for manifestations.  
Princess Marid Djinn turned Ilmu Khodam.  Sorry, but this is only a partial interview.  The remainder was removed from my blog when she went to her Keeper.
Female Astral Fae
Alpha Male Werewolf
Sanguine Vampire
Male Watcher
Gargoyle (Note...the photo is a real photo of that particular Gargoyle)
Love Djinn
Pollinating Fae
King Fire Dragon
Ancient White Dragon

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