Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Magick Spells

Free Magick Spells

There are literally thousands of free magick spells available on the internet. My recent search on Google reveals 102,000 website hits. And on each of these sites are several magick spells available to the general public.

Several have asked me where is the best place to find effective, free magick spells. They want to skip the spell casters and cast their own spell. They can read, they can follow directions, and they don't want to pay for someone else to do something they can do.

I wouldn't know which website has the best spells, because I've never visited any of these sites. I think my best spells have come from my heart and my mind. I find them much more effective than regurgitating something from a book or a website.

But an effective spell isn't as simple as reading some words, tossing in a few herbs, rubbing some oil, lighting a candle, and abracadabra your wish comes true. The most important ingredient of the spell is not stated but assumed, and it is something in which all seasoned spell caster are proficient. This ingredient is energy manipulation . Anyone can say a spell, but only a few have become skilled at manipulating the energy to activate the spell work.

Energy manipulation is the ability to direct and guide the energy of the spell. It is the ability to direct energy from a source and lock it into a vessel or to send it out into the world. This gift is natural for some, and learned by others.

Some people are natural energy manipulators, and this is quite evident when a true desire manifests without the parameters of spell work or without the assistance of Otherworld Entities. Most natural energy manipulators will manifest this ability during extreme duress. They may have had a boyfriend cheat or some other situation which caused intense rage.

Rage is an excellent accelerant to their energy and may be the first time an energy manipulator focuses on a specific target. They draw energy and direct it toward the intended victim. Sometimes it won't be focused on a specific action, but just a general negative energy to affect the target's life. Most energy manipulators make the connection of the manifestation of their will when the target reports the results.

Rage is an easy way for energy manipulators to inflict their will, but it is difficult for some with light wishes. It takes time and practice for energy manipulators to channel energy to all situations and states of mind. They find that rage isn't necessary when they become proficient. But it will take practice and time.

I'm a natural energy manipulator. I've had the talent since I was a kid, and its use is somewhat instinctual and some through experience and practice. I was lucky enough to have a psychic mentor, that often worked for the police, when I was 13. She wasn't a witch, but she was able to create similar results without the formal use of herbs and spells. However, some of her methods were closely related to spell work.

She taught me to use my abilities to protect myself, read objects, move objects, hone my psychic abilities, and use divination. Her encouragement and support helped me find direction for my abilities. If it had not been for her, I probably would have abandoned my gifts completely. But with her help they blossomed and grew. I have worked on my abilities over the last 26 years, and I have improved with age.

I practiced witchcraft since I was 13 years old. I didn't have access to all the materials or magick books, so I learned to use my instincts to select herbs, words, and create my own rituals. Some spells flopped and some worked like a dream, but I continued to work on my craft through the years.

I don't strictly adhere to one discipline because I am a Chaos Magician. Chaos Magick isn't magick to create destruction, it's just a strange title for using magick of various traditions. I use what works and I discard the rest. I research various spells, traditions, and methods. I pick out pieces of what feels natural to me. I also use instincts to select the correct ingredients, and I am always amazed at how often I am validated against herbal magick text. I write spells and very rarely take spells from other sources. My spells don't rhyme, and they have no specific formula.

This is what works for me, but it may not work for you. You will have to experiment with various methods until you find what works.

I can manipulate energy without a spell, but I enjoy the creativity used in spell work. I also like the change, focus, and direction in energy when several ingredients are combined along with my own energy.

But the ingredients are not the most important part of the spell, nor are the words. I have always believed that the ingredients and words are not necessary, but they are helpful in occupying the conscious mind so the subconscious mind can do its work.

The subconscious mind knows you can manifest your will, but it can't do its job with the conscious mind in its way. If you don't believe you can cast an effective spell you won't. Psychic blocks can hinder the success of your spell, and the level of psychic blocks differ for each individual.

My methods may not work for you, so you need to find your own niche in magick. Find a tradition that speaks to you, and learn to develop your own spells. Find books to teach you to use psychic abilities. Find books to teach you how to manipulate energy around you and activate your own spells.

Your Otherworld Entities can be wonderful teachers in energy manipulation. Dragons are naturals as well as Psy-Vampires, and Ilmu Khodam. All Otherworld Entities that use magick use the principles of energy manipulation to influence our world and to help bring about your wishes. Even if you can't hear them, they can teach you in your sleep, in lucid dreaming or the astral plane. I don't know how long it will take you to become proficient in your craft. Each person is different, and each person has their own hurdles and battles to overcome before they become masters of their craft. It may be six months, a year, or even ten years. But if you work at it, and you are persistent, you will be amazed at the results.


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